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Spotlight on society: Carnival Rag

By | Published March 8, 2015

Jack Ford, president of the Carnival Rag Society, sat down with BurnFM Arts to tell us about the incredible work that the society does, as well as the amazing events that they run. Carnival Rag is the University’s fundraising society; they run a lot of different events throughout the year and proceeds go to different allocated charities. Some of the annual events are Enigma, Lost, and Escape and Evade. With Enigma, people pre-drink on a coach and head to a mystery city for a night of fun. Lost is where you get dropped off in the middle of the countryside and you have to find out where you are and get back to Birmingham. Escape and Evade is where you have 60 hours to get as far away from Birmingham as possible, but you can’t spend any money on transportation. High scorers for this have made it to Tenerife and Ukraine! These are just a few of the many awesome activities that Carnival Rag fund-raises for.


The four allocated charities this year are the West Midlands Air Ambulance, Edward’s Trust, Children with Cancer UK, and Prince’s Trust, but they also work with Meningitis Research Foundation, Action Against Hunger, Make a Wish, the Children’s Society, the Poppy appeal, and Movember. Anyone and everyone should get involved in this society. All of the activities help you make great friends, raise money for amazing charities, and it gives you some great stories to tell. These are activities that anyone can try and do, and raising so much money for charity is something that makes everything even more worthwhile. You can become a member on the Guild of Students website, but it is also beneficial to check out the Carnival Rag page on Facebook in order to stay updated there. Check out Carnival Rag and get involved!