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Spotlight on Society: Brum Dine with Me

By | Published December 30, 2014

Josh and Kelly told BurnFM Arts about the delicious and interesting Brum Dine with Me society. Brum Dine with Me is a society of about 80 members. At the beginning of each term, members are broken into smaller dinner party groups, who take turns holding their own dinner parties. The dinner parties are scored, and at the end of the semester, the scores are announced and the winner receives a prize. There are many events other than the main dinner parties as well. This term they visited the BBC Good Food Show, had a bar crawl, did taste testing, and next term they plan on having a bake off and going on a picnic. The meals served can range anywhere from a Danish Christmas to a full Chinese feast. With this society you will be able to try foods that you would or wouldn’t or normally eat and make some great friends. Anyone interested in food with any level of cooking ability are welcome to join! You can join online at

and check out their Facebook page, Brum Dine with Me.

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