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Spotlight: Indoor Pets

By | Published December 3, 2017

There is certainly a new dawn in the age of dirty-pop, as Kent quartet’s name change to Indoor Pets (formerly Get Inuit) marks a new chapter in the story of the band. Having progressively risen over the last 4 years via countless support slots and electrifying festival sets, Jamie Glass and co have had to go through a name change by which to label their genre-blending indie rock.

Formed in Sittingbourne in 2013, Glass just wanted to pen some songs and recruited his friend Ollie Nun (who he taught to play bass), after which brothers Rob (drums) and James (lead guitar) Simpson joined; Get Inuit was born. It was not only until they were called out on Twitter by Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq in May of this year that there had been a problem with the name; the official change however had been confirmed a week ago alongside a headline tour for February 2018.

The Pets have grown a dedicated fanbase since their first EP 001, released by Alcopop! Records in 2015, where we first saw the cynical grunge face of their music. The EP Luge Lessons of the same year showed us a slight indie shift, particularly on numbers I Am the Hot Air and On and On. After revealing the debut album will be dropped suddenly and most likely over the next few months, including popular 2017 singles Barbiturates and All My Friends, fans of the Kent rockers are eagerly awaiting its arrival. It’s not only the music however that has captivated their following. Upon attending a live show of theirs, you will be met with spectacular theatrics, including Glass coating his face in lipstick if you’re very lucky, as well as the despair-driven cynicism seen in the lyrics to a large portion of their catalogue.

You can catch the boys at the Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham on 15th Feb 2018, with sparks flying amidst the release of their debut LP (fingers crossed). Although with a new name comes a new beginning, the newly branded Indoor Pets are certain to promise more of the same pop-tinged grunge rock in years to come.