Off Air

We'll be back in the Autumn Term!

Jagerhaus, hosted by Jagermeister events have already stopped off at Kendall Calling, Beat-Herder, Field Day and Boomtown amongst others this summer, uncovering top new bands and DJs and they’ll be making their final stop at Bestival. With a venue like no other, fitting perfectly into the futuristic theme of this year’s festival and no doubt serving ice chilled jager, the stage is set to host some of the best acts to see at the event.

Topping the list is the ever-anticipated electro duo that is Maribou State, who will be playing alongside dj sets from the likes of Fred V & Grafix, Greg Wilson and Stylo G x Jacob Plant, who will bring reggae vibes. Alongside dj sets there will be plenty of live bands to feast your eyes and ears on. Theme Park are set to play the venue, in the wake of their new music, as will Boxed InBad SoundsElderbrook and Trim with many more.

Full line up for Jagerhaus at Bestival: Maribou State, Fred V & Grafix, Greg Wilson, Stylo G X Jacob Plant, Theme Park, Lemmy Ashton, Boxed In, Trim, Elderbrook, Postaal, Raye, Bad Sounds, Pictish Trail, Virus Syndicate, Aldous RH, Loose Meat, NYTClub, 808Ink, M.A.X, Dirty Freud, Data 3, The Sultan, Paulo Di Liberto, Ton Dis Up!, Simon Singleton, Deja Bruh, Pepper, Jagerhaus Sunday Sessions