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PennFest Preview

PennFest returns for its seventh year and appears ready to rock our socks off with a diverse line-up offering something for everyone. Primal Scream are set to headline Friday night on the main stage, and appear to have shaken their setlist up since the release of their album ‘Chaosmosis’ last year, promising some fan favourites …Read More

Voting begins for 45th US President

Americans have gone to the polls this morning to elect the 45th President of the United States. Democratic hopeful, and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is currently leading entrepreneur Donald Trump in most polls. Commentators are still predicating a close race. Secretary Clinton tweeted this morning “Everything we’ve worked towards comes down to today”. …Read More

Jagerhaus Returns To Bestival 2016

Jagerhaus, hosted by Jagermeister events have already stopped off at Kendall Calling, Beat-Herder, Field Day and Boomtown amongst others this summer, uncovering top new bands and DJs and they’ll be making their final stop at Bestival. With a venue like no other, fitting perfectly into the futuristic theme of this year’s festival and no doubt …Read More

Stone Roses – All for One (Single Review)

It’s been about twenty years since the Stone Roses released any new material, the Second Coming, and even that was after a five year gap.  And whilst their last album was met with a rather mixed response, it is with bright eyes and bushy tails that we look this new single (in preview of an …Read More

Review: Omission

Rating: This year of student drama has regrettably been pretty safe, although enjoyable. However, Omission has stood out as a creative, brave and thoroughly alternative piece of theatre. Last year I worked with Jess Barber as my choreographer for The Fastest Clock in the Universe where she was incredible, however, one year later it was …Read More

New Executive Order on Gun Restrictions Released

Recently gun legislature in the USA has been put under scrutiny following the shooting in California which left 14 people dead. Gun crime has always been a big problem in the USA, in 2015 alone there were 353 mass shootings. The number of people who die annually from gunfire is so extensive in the US that …Read More

Top 5 Albums Of The Year – Lillie Esmé Bellamy’s Picks

We’ve almost reached the end of the year and therefore the end of our feature. So, to finish off our ‘Top 5 Albums Of The Year’, here is our Head of Live Music, Lillie Esmé Bellamy on those albums that made her 2015: Gengahr – A Dream Outside If any one album released this year …Read More

Burnie the Bookworm: The Song of Achilles

Based on Homer’s Iliad, Miller’s tale focuses on the requited love of the epic hero Achilles and his companion Patroclus, and their relationship before and during the Trojan War. Her tale is good for anyone in need of a romantic novel with love, blood, war, and all the ‘feels’. However, for any Iliad lovers out …Read More

Cup Joy for Brum as They Edge Out Plucky Durham

In the last 32 of the BUCS trophy, the minimum expectation for Birmingham Women’s 2nd XI Hockey Team would be to advance to the next round – and this is exactly what they did, if in a slightly inglorious manner. Needless to say, Birmingham will not care much for the quality of the performance as …Read More

Adventure Through the World (Part two)

More Inspiration and handy tips for future holiday spots! Beijing, China; A Review by Hannah Fitzgibbon Beijing is a city of surprises. It has traditional market areas where it feels like life hasn’t changed for centuries, with tiny old women selling crickets for sale in tiny wicker cages, or a stooped man pulling a cart …Read More