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EP Review: Hippo campus

On 12th September Hippo Campus released the EP ‘Warm Glow’ consisting of three songs, ‘Baseball’, ‘Traveler’ and title track ‘Warm Glow’, and I’m happy to say that their instantly likeable Phoenix/Two Door Cinema Club vibe continues. When I saw Hippo Campus back in January at Thekla, a small boat used as a concert venue in Bristol, they lit up …Read More

Film Review: It

If, for some reason, the gaudily painted face of Pennywise and primarily prepubescent cast tricked you into believing that IT was a lighthearted film with a couple of jump-scares, I have some bad news for you. The gory opening scene will knock out any pre-conceived notions that this is anything but 135 minutes of pretty …Read More

Film Review – Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey is widely regarded to be Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, a pretty impressive accolade considering he also directed classics such as Eyes Wide Shut, A Clockwork Orange and The Shining. It is praised for its storytelling, special effects and soundtrack; yet somehow, after first watching the film I was left confused and, I confess, a little bored. I …Read More

TV Show Review: American Horror Story – Cult

  Righting the wrongs of horror franchises across the world since 2011, Ryan Murphey and FX’s hit tv-show American Horror Story reappeared with their seventh season ‘Cult’ on the 5th September 2017. Never a show to shy away from controversial themes and always serving brutal honesty, the seventh instalment of the anthology lives up to …Read More

TV Review: Rick and Morty

Animations are not my first port of call when looking for a new TV show to watch but once I heard everyone and their mum raving about Rick and Morty, I had to see what all the fuss was about and I wasn’t disappointed. A reductive synopsis of the show would be to tell you …Read More

Yonaka EP Review

An E.P launch can be one of the most challenging, awkward situation inducing moments of a band’s career. Have we got enough people? Have we got enough publicity? Are we fully confident in who we are as a band at this early stage? Yonaka don’t ask themselves these questions. They don’t need to. They simply …Read More

saintmotelevision: Music to Move to

Saint Motel came to my – and a large audience in the UK – attention in the 2015 version of the excellent EA Sports Fifa soundtrack with their song, My Type. This track, from their 2012 album Voyeur, represents the band’s first taste of real chart success, and saintmotelevision is very much built in the mould …Read More

BBC Good Food Show Summer 2017

As a student, there are two things which hold a very important place in my day-to-day life; food and free stuff. Therefore, I was over the moon to discover that in my new role as Head of Arts, I am able to attend and review the BBC Good Food Show, an event dedicated to these …Read More

3BUGS and LGBTQ Association’s ’12’ Review

Rating:  4.5 stars The atmosphere at the dress run of 3BUGS Fringe Theatre and UoB’s LGBTQ Association’s performance ‘12’, directed by Annie Kershaw, was one of hilarity and vibrancy. What was promised to the audience was “a new version” of Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’, and right from entering the space, it was clear this promise would …Read More