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Thinking of Applying for a Show? Do it.

By | Published September 19, 2017

Thinking of applying for a show? Do it.

Radio is just the best. It’s better than TV and it’s better than doing any of the other meaningless and shallow activities you’re considering for this year at university.

If you’re still not convinced, below are some fine examples of the kind of fun you could be having on air within a matter of weeks if you choose to apply.

Last year’s shows

Become the radio equivalent of a delicious tea and crumpet with your very own breakfast show.

You could shed a little light on current affairs, like John and Sophie on Have I got Tues for You.

Give your sport the limelight it deserves.

Drop a load of bangers. Burn loves to get all different kinds of music out there, so if you’re passionate and you have the knowledge to back it up, there could be a slot for you.

Get your society on the airwaves! Redbrick made a smasher of this last year with their weekly slot in first term. There are a couple of other ways to get your society on air for some juicy publicity, but look at the bottom of the application form for details.

And if it all goes swimmingly, you could be in with a chance to win a whole lot of prestige at the annual Burn awards ceremony. Here’s the Mamma Mia episode of our 2016-17 Show of the Year winner, Back to the Soundtrack. Shout out to Will and Dan.

Personally, I find the nicest thing about student radio is the complete creative freedom you have over your show – you can play and say whatever you want (with a few obvious exceptions), and have a cracking time in doing so.

So, once again: do it.

Follow this link to find out more and apply for your show: