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The 1975 – Somebody Else

By | Published February 19, 2016

Rating: ★★★★½

From the very beginning, this sounds like a 1975 song. The loop of electronic synth air behind Matty’s careful and meaningful words are unmistakable. Then there’s a small interval before the chorus kicks in, and it’s a whole new sound. The playful bass is electric and emulates subtle funk – the band are known for their almost-ironic pop style, but this track is deeper than that. This song feels timeless; the 80’s bass and slow-funk of the track paired with the 1975’s trademark synth loops and effortless vocals bring the nostalgic and modern together.

Matty’s vocal is carefully placed over the distinctly 80’s beat, and in this track features a certain vulnerability found in previous more emotionally-orientated tracks, such as ‘Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You‘ and ‘Robbers‘. The second verse and after is a little punchier – with more playful melodies, and a to-and-fro in the bridge. What follows this is an electronic solo which lifts the track.

Lyrically, there are some standout moments. The chorus is brutally honest, ‘I don’t want your body but I need to think about you with somebody else, I’m looking through you while you’re looking through your phone and then leaving with somebody else’. With a million and one songs about love and thus, losing it, the 1975 don’t shy away from writing songs about uncomfortable and raw feelings that we maybe don’t even admit we feel ourselves. I think it’s this honesty in tracks like ‘Sex‘, ‘Me‘, and this track that brings their fans into the sentiment so welcomely.


The day the track was released, lead singer Matty Healy uploaded an image onto social media about the song. The 26 year-old explained that the song was about him – he says ‘I know I may talk too much just like I’m wired or in a rush, but when it’s dark to act like lightning makes it all a bit less frightening’. The post also made a very real statement about the music genre the 1975 sometimes find themselves in – Healy writes ‘when did they get us believing POP should be devoid of meaning?’ 

The album, ‘I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It’ is set for release on February 26th, and is 17 (plus two bonus) tracks long. If ‘Somebody Else’ is a precursor, it’s set to be a huge album.