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“Memoirs of a Pirate” – Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

By | Published June 13, 2017



Pirates! AYE!

All my life, I’ve sailed across the sea. The sea is where I belong and where I want to die. Well, if I ever die because who knows…Since my early years I remember myself being part of a crew, having to fight numerous of  enemies and always seek out for a good old treasure.

But, why is the rum always gone?

Truth to be told, I might be drunk most of times and in fact I did make some horrible decisions throughout my life at sea but I am pretty sure I did some good deeds too. But who has the time to get into that, let’s just carry on then.

If there is one thing I learned, is that pirates cannot be trusted (including meself). AYE! Enemies can grow within your own crew so you must fear anyone and always be ready to cross blades. I know that now, since a few years ago I was mutinied by Barbossa and the crew of the Black Pearl. I was marooned and left in Black Sam’s Spit with no food, a pistol and one shot. But why would I need a pistol mate am I right?

After I escaped, I had many battles ahead of me. I had to fight against Barbossa, Norrington, Lord Beckett, Davy Jones, Blackbeard and now Salazar.


And this is how the tale goes…

As a young boy, I remember some dark times where the sea was battling up against us. The fate of pirates was under threat by one man. His name was Armando Salazar, El matador del mar. He was one of the most high ranking officers of the Spanish Royal Navy and captain of the ship Silent Mary. His father and grandfather were killed by pirates. The fierce captain had ruled the seas for years, having killed thousands of us with no remorse. There would be no mercy until he took his revenge by killing every pirate alive, making the sea pure again. The pirates were terrorized and I had to defend them. After being fortunate enough to have survived an attack and having only a few crewmen alive on our ship, I knew that the Silent Mary was after us. One of the dying crewmen gave me his compass. A compass that points to what you want most. With a new heading by the compass, the Devil’s Triangle was our next battle field. I knew that the Triangle had powers, anything that entered could disappear forever. As we got closer to it, I changed the direction to prevent our ship from entering giving no time to the Spanish to stop Silent Mary which was leading into the Devil’s Triangle. The Spanish ship along with its captain and crewmen were burnt to death. After our victory, the last few crewmen on our ship wanted to show me their gratitude by offering me anything valuable they had in their possession as a tribute. They made me captain of their ship.

Years later, after the Spanish had already been forgotten, I sensed lost souls wondering around me and hoarse whispers calling out my name. Dead men tell no tales, but they had risen and I was the treasure to be found. The Devil’s Triangle appeared to have powers that could resurrect anyone who died in it but with a price to pay. The Spanish captain and his crew were cursed to live as ghosts and sail the seas forever. Salazar’s revenge was now upon me…but not for long.

It all ended at Isla of Stars. Carina led us to the island to discover her true identity. The sea divided and the final battle for the Trident of Poseidon had begun. Salazar wanted the Trident to gain the power of the seas, and eliminate all the pirates. Henry wanted the Trident broken so that he could release his father from being bound to the Flying Dutchman for eternity.

Breaking the Trident could release anyone who had been cursed at sea. Turner and Salazar along with his crew could finally be set free.

At last, Henry broke the Trident and the curse was lifted. On our way out of the ocean, hanging up from the Black Pearl’s anchor fighting for our lives, everyone was rescued but Salazar had managed to hold onto the anchor beneath us. When Carina was about to drop, she was rescued by Barbossa who revealed to her that he is her long lost father. He chose to safe her by sacrificing himself. As he dropped down to the ocean, he killed Salazar with his sword to punish him for taking command of the seas all these years. He died as a hero… a hero filled with strength and pride.

So long Hector, you will be missed. Although, I am pretty sure we’ll meet again sooner than you think. You came back from the dead once, I am sure you can do that again. Anytime you’re ready Hector, The Black Pearl awaits for its First Mate. AYE! First Mate not Captain, just to be clear on that.

Turner is free again and so he returned back to land to live with Elizabeth and his son.

Who is to have command of the Flying Dutchman now I wonder…the Dutchman must have a captain.


As you can see, I haven’t been blessed with the best of luck. Sometimes, I close my eyes and pretend it’s all a bad dream, that’s how I get by. My life has been constantly in harm’s way and I am sure that the future holds more for me. I lost my own ship several times, I was mutinied and marooned, I am usually under arrest or imprisoned and I’ve been held into Davy Jones Locker for God knows how long. I know I am never going back there, I can tell you that for sure mate. I have been close to death more often than you can possibly think and yet I always find a way to survive. No idea how, but I do.

As long as I have the Pearl, my compass and a good bottle of rum, the wind is always on my side. Now…bring me that horizon. After all, it’s a pirate’s life for me. Savvy?