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Let Me Introduce You: BBC Introducing Takes Leeds Fest 2016

By | Published August 23, 2016

It’s just over a week until fans hit Bramham Park for a weekend of music, silent discos and low levels of personal hygiene. On top of this, BBC Introducing have given us even more to look forward to. Last week the BBC Introducing line up was announced and although they are all incredible picks it’s always difficult to squeeze everyone into your schedule, so here is a recommendation of those that just cannot be missed.


After their self released debut ‘Ghost Town’, these boys are ones to watch with catchy songs and a classic indie pop sound. However, they prove they’re not just a one trick pony with their heavier ‘One Foot’, it will be exciting to see how they perform live.

Avalanche Party 

If snarling garage punk is more your jam then Avalanche Party are the band for you. With an intense, raw and in your face sound, Avalanche Party play unapologetically and with force.


The punk rock duo from Billingham will bring a fuzzy wall of distorted sound to the festival most likely including their new single ‘Hollywood’ in their set, which I’m sure will be fantastic live.

Cameron AG 

If you’re ready for a cool down Cameron AG will be bringing a more chilled out vibe to the festival. Audience members will be immersed in a pool of acoustic guitar and silky piano so get ready to get your sway on.


With an almost Beatles sound, the Fronteers are a classic indie boy band but their energy and consistency makes them stand out from the crowd, they’ll definitely be interesting to see live.

The Wholls

Sexy rasping vocals contrasting with more tame instrumentals, The Wholls could almost be described as a heavy indie rock, making rock accessible for all (and so, so catchy).

Ten Tonnes 

After Burberry acoustic features and a support slot for upcoming band Blossoms (also playing the festival), Ten Tonnes is bluesy, raw and has a Johnny Cash vibe. If the sun doesn’t make an appearance and you need warming up, Ten Tonnes voice will do the trick.

The Shimmer Band

Dreamy, exciting and everything that was good about the 80’s in a band, if you want to get your groove on The Shimmer Band have got you covered.