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Kate Nash – 12/02/2017

By | Published February 14, 2017

When hearing the name Kate Nash most people think of her as the one-hit-wonder of the Lily Allen-esque tune ‘Foundations’. However, her ability as an artist goes far beyond just being able to produce a quirky tune with a lot of swearing, and it looks as if she’s set to come back with a bang. This past Sunday 12th February at the O2 Institute in Birmingham I went along to see the young and bubbly Kate Nash whose album Made of Bricks with its honest and uncouth lyrics and unforgivingly ballsy English accent filled me excitement when I was at school. As well as ‘Foundations’, fan favourites include ‘Mouthwash’, ‘Dickhead’, ‘Birds’, ‘Mariella’, ‘Pumpkin Soup’ and ‘Nicest Thing’; not such a one-hit-wonder after all! Nevertheless, Kate Nash seems to have fallen out of favour after her most recent album Girl Talk did not receive the best audience.

This gig filled me with the hope that this feisty lass from Harrow hasn’t lost it yet. She started off her set with two songs from her newer, less vibrant album, Girl Talk. Though it was a slow start, as soon as she kicked off with songs from Made of Bricks and 2010’s album My Best Friend Is You she was able to get everyone involved and it was clear that it wasn’t just me who was loving it. She was extremely likeable throughout, consistently coming down to the audience to share in the love of her music and raising important current issues without bringing down the mood. The best part of the show however, is when she gave us an insight into the new music that she will be releasing soon. She performed two new songs called ‘Musical Theatre’ and ‘Agenda’ and both were a far cry from her 2013 album Girl Talk. She seems to be moving into the electronic music scene which has been building in popularity over the past few years. Though her music is taking a more modern and “poppy” turn she is maintaining the core lucidity and vibrancy of her art which made many fall in love with the album Made of Bricks. Her all-female band was a refreshing sight and with her female led support band, Gothic Tropic, she showed that she is committed to encouraging women to join the music industry and this is something that needs to be admired.

There is still much more to come from this strong and confident woman and I whole-heartedly recommend you go to a Kate Nash gig if it comes your way, even if it is just to shout at the top of your voice ‘I SAID, I’D RATHER BE WITH YOUR FRIENDS MATE COS THEY ARE MUCH FITTAH!’

kate nash