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International Sportswoman in the Spotlight: Serena Williams

By | Published September 12, 2017

Williams has stated that ever since she was young it was a dream of hers to become the world’s best tennis player. Williams has said that it is not luck that has got her to where she is today, but it is her hard work, grit and countless hours working on the court knowing that one day that little girls dream would come true. And it did.  Call yourself a tennis fanatic or not, Serena Williams is undoubtedly a household name. Everyone knows exactly who this incredibly talented woman is. Some regard her as the greatest female tennis player of all time. This is undeniable. From the young age of 3, her tennis career began and since then it has only gone up and up, from being ranked no.1 in the USA Under 10 category then to now being current world no.1.

Serena Williams winning yet another Wimbledon title to add to her list of Grand Slam victories

With a career spanning over 20 years her list of achievements doesn’t ever seem to stop. Williams has held world no.1 title six times from when she first held the title in 2002. Williams holds the most Grand Slams amongst any active players, a total of 39! 23 of these are singles titles making her the record holder for the most Grand Slam wins by any player within the Open Era. Additionally, she is the only tennis player, be it man or woman, to have won six titles in at least three of the four Grand Slam tournaments as well as being the only player to have ever won two of the four Grand Slams seven times (one of them being right here in the UK, winning Wimbledon seven times)! Her performance as a singles player is immense, but combined with her sister Venus, the Williams sisters make a truly unstoppable pair as are unbeatable in any Grand Slam doubles final, only adding to Serena’s list of honours. From Grand Slams to Olympic medals, Williams has it all. With an additional four Olympic gold medals to hang around her neck as well as her countless Grand Slam trophies. From singles, to doubles and mixed doubles this woman is not one you’d want to come up against on the tennis court.


The Williams Sisters enjoying another doubles championship win

Serena Williams has created a new era of power not only for women’s tennis but for all women be it in or out of sport. She is not only a sport star but also a businesswoman being not only the highest paid female athlete but is the only woman to appear on Forbes 100 highest paid athletes of 2017. She is paving the way for other female athletes to reach the same heights and even beyond that of their male counterparts. Williams is encouraging and empowering woman through her love of beauty and fashion to love who you are, and be confident in no matter what you wear in her fashion line in collaboration with HSN. Additionally, with Williams creation of The Serena Williams Fund and The Williams Sisters Fund they aim to promote equality through education despite gender, race, disability or anything that will prevent someone from achieving their goals within life, for them to live life to the full and the prevent the victims of senseless violence. Williams is striving to make an impact within the world, be it making incredible serves on the court or creating positive change to those most in need.

Serena Williams is truly legendary and her career shows no sign of stopping. She is pioneering a new style of athleticism for women. One of power, strength and beauty both on and off the court. After announcing her pregnancy earlier this year, Williams stated she would be taking a break from tennis for a while. Earlier this month she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. William’s next task is balancing motherhood amongst her international tennis career, however like many before her we believe she will be back on the court sooner than expected as nothing stops Serena Williams.