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As it Happened: BUCS Nationals 2017

Catch up on all of Burn FM Sport’s live BUCS Nationals coverage from Sheffield. We brought you all the results and reaction from Athletics, Swimming, Badminton, Karate & Trampolining throughout Saturday’s action.


From Cape Town With Love…

Cape Town: a city that is stunning from the sky to the sea. This city is steeped in so much history from all around the world, and it’s this that makes Cape Town totally unique and rich in culture.  It’s known as the ‘mother city’ due to its crucial role in South Africa’s history. I …Read More

The vibrant culture of Cape Town

Guild Election: Full Time Officer Candidate Interviews 2017

Burn Fm has invited all the Full-Time Officer Candidates for an interview detailing their policies, experience and why they think they are the best candidates to represent students at the University of Birmingham. Below, you can find all of the interviews that took place, split into Officer positions. They are: Activities and Development, Education, Housing, Post …Read More


Kate Nash – 12/02/2017

When hearing the name Kate Nash most people think of her as the one-hit-wonder of the Lily Allen-esque tune ‘Foundations’. However, her ability as an artist goes far beyond just being able to produce a quirky tune with a lot of swearing, and it looks as if she’s set to come back with a bang. …Read More


Arsenal Fans: It’s Not That Bad

Due to the captivating online success of ArsenalFanTV (left), the public perception of Arsenal fandom has become a resoundingly associated with incensed outbursts and furious monologues that the great wordsmith William Shakespeare would have once been proud of. Having watched my beloved Watford produce one of the upsets of the seasons by deservedly beating Arsenal 2-1 …Read More

Wenger out

Alastair Cook: The highs and the lows of being England captain

Cricket correspondent, Oli Lathrope, takes a look at the highs and lows of Alastair Cook’s England captaincy. On Monday morning it was announced that Alastair Cook after 59 tests and 24 wins was stepping down as England’s test match captain. The end of the road came after a resounding 4-0 series defeat in India where …Read More

cook header

w rug

Lockdown 2017 – Match Report

It was a hugely successful Saturday for the University Basketball teams as the Women’s 1sts beat University of Manchester 60-31, and the Men’s first team beat University of Nottingham 86-59, extending their unbeaten record at the highly anticipated annual Lockdown to 3 in a row. Proceedings started at 5pm, with the Women’s team playing out …Read More


Sportswomen in the Spotlight

Nicola Adams has bought the world of female boxing to our attention in a way few others have managed. A sport that was only introduced to the Olympic games in 2012 in London. She has become a household game, an icon of her sport and a true inspiration to not only women, but to ethnic …Read More


Super Bowl LI – Patriots vs Falcons Preview

For the second year running the Superbowl is serving up a match up that would have never been predicted back in August when teams reported for training camp. Its NFC again that has given us a surprise team with a dynamic offense never seen in the NFL, and the AFC is once again being represented …Read More