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Women’s Volleyball – University of Birmingham 1st 3-1 University of Coventry

By | Published October 13, 2016

The Women’s Volleyball 1st’s got their new season underway on Wednesday with a 3-1 win over Coventry 1st’s in the New Gym.

After a mid table finish last season, Birmingham were looking for a bright start to the new start to the new campaign. And any early hopes of repeat of the form that saw them beat Coventry 3-0 in their two previous fixtures were realised as the team got off to a flying start.

Brum stormed into an early 6-0 lead in the first set, with sections of brilliant serving and defensive play helping ease into an early show of dominance against a Coventry opposition who struggled to settle in the early stages. With further demonstration of this dominance through a series of smashes and attack at the net, Brum were able to force a number of errors to take a 25-14 win.

As the game progressed into the second set, Birmingham showed no signs of letting up any offensive pressure, and again soared into an early comfortable 6-1 lead. As Coventry started to settle into the game and force errors, Brum again assured themselves with strong service and work at the net helping to secure another comfortable 25-16 set win.

However, the game was nowhere near done and dusted, as Coventry rallied to spark a comeback in the third set. Brum again started the set well, but after securing an early lead Coventry began to fight back with some great offense and smashes at the net putting them into a small lead. With great resilience under a lot of attacking pressure, the opposition managed to protect their slim lead. And after a long last-point rally, Coventry were able to secure the set 25-21, and spark fears as to whether Brum could close out the game.

These fears were soon settled though as the 1st’s again showed the class that saw them comfortably win the first two sets. With both sides matching each others efforts in the early stages, Brum were able to ease ahead to 17-10 as Coventry started to tire against the relentless attacking pressure, and the Womens 1st’s were able to see out the game for a 25-18 set win and a deserved 3-1 win over their opponents.

With a classy display in this opening game of the Volleyball season, the Women’s 1st’s will hope they can continue this winning form into the rest of season.