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Success for PowerSoc at the 2016 British University Powerlifting Championships.

By and | Published March 24, 2016

Two weeks ago one of the University of Birmingham’s newest societies, PowerSoc, competed at the British University Powerlifting Championships at the University of Cambridge.  For such a new society they were very pleased to take ten competitors: Cathryn Kaleskova, Heather Eastlake (4th, <57kg class), Harold Marshall, Andrew Lamb, Thomas Mahoney, Daniel Byrne (6th, <83kg class), Thomas Chang (1st, <66kg class), Parker Talbot (6th, <105kg class), Owain Griffin, Charles McGivern (3rd, <105kg class).

Andrew Lamb, a PhD student and the oldest of the group, hit a 515kg total, exceeding his previous best by 50kg, and pulled what could only be described as a “show-stopping 230kg deadlift”. There were strong performances across the board from UoB’s male competitors; Charles McGivern pulled a 280kg deadlift, Daniel Byrne benched 150kg, Thomas Chang won his class with a 510kg total.

It’s fair to say Brum’s team lifted incredibly well, especially considering the majority of the team had never competed before!  So they were incredibly happy when almost the whole team managed to lift personal records.  Though they did admit to finding it very different competing on a platform (in lycra singlets!) surrounded by judges and an audience, as opposed to lifting in the normal set up in a gym.  Another nerve-wracking experience for UoB’s team was weighing in before lifting, however because two of the members brought their own scales they were able to check the night before that they’d make it into the right weight class!

The only blemish on the day was that due to a few timing issues the male competitors had to start their competition four hours later than originally planned, Heather Eastlake, PowerSoc’s treasurer paid homage to the male competitors saying: “I’m incredibly of the lads for still performing incredibly well, even with the timing issues.”

Looking ahead for PowerSoc, many of Brum’s competitors hit National Open qualifying total so will be competing in the British Classic Powerlifting Champs in September (Women’s) and October (Men’s).  And some people will also be going to the All England Champs in August, at which the English Team for the Four Nations in November will be selected.

Coach statement:

“I could not be happier with how the competition went. For the majority of the squad it was their first ever meet and they all performed brilliantly, with some individuals breaking multiple personal records on the day. It has set a brilliant foundation for the club to build from and I look forward to supporting the club in future events. Seeing the group grow stronger together makes me extremely proud of them all.” – William Jordan of Persistence Personal Training.
Matt Bullin