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Men’s Lacrosse – University of Birmingham 1sts 12-6 Loughborough University 2nds

By | Published March 9, 2017

League champions Birmingham fight off late come back from Loughborough to end their season with a win

Wednesday’s clash saw Birmingham 1sts take on Loughborough 2’s at the Metchely 3G pitches. Birmingham started off strongly scoring a goal within the first five minutes and they continued to press on the Loughborough goal. However in a turn of events the 1st quarter finished with the score 1-3 to Loughborough; all of their goals being scored in quick succession.

The 2nd quarter proved critical for the result of the match with Birmingham scoring 7 goals and Loughborough were not able to respond. There was good movement of the ball and the communication levels improved from the Lions.

Coming into the third quarter was to see a stalemate similar to two Canadians holding the door open and allowing the other to pass; with Birmingham getting another goal to add to their tally.

The final quarter of the match saw a flurry of scores from Loughborough with Birmingham having a few men sent off but they scored two goals to seal the victory the score 12-6 to Birmingham. Birmingham have already won the league and they can be happy with another win under their belts to end a successful season on a high.