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Match Report: W1 Lacrosse v Durham

By | Published November 10, 2017

It was a very chilling evening as the Birmingham Women’s 1 Lacrosse team geared up to face key rivals Durham 1s. Both have won all of their games so far so this felt like a real clash of the titans and perhaps a deciding match for who will be the league champions.

Unfortunately, the Lions would end up losing the match 12-5. Durham came out fighting clearing dominating through flawless passing combined with good finishing resulted in the Lions conceding early. However, the score does not truly reflect the actual nature of the game. For the most part it was a close run tight affair with Durham pulling away and making the score line more flattering than perhaps it should have been.

Durham had to come to play with full force and was intent in making their dominance felt as they stormed into a 3-0 lead within the first ten minutes. At this point, it was clear that the Lions were concerned with such a huge crowd watching them on their first fixture on the new Bournbrook pitch they were under a lot of pressure. But with Old Joe watching over them, they had the guidance they needed to maintain a strong pressure and solid defence.

Birmingham although losing have many positive to take away from the game. Stunning goals and strong possession restored their hope. The match was tightly fought giving the crowd a thrilling game of lacrosse to watch. However, Durham were slightly more clinical as every shot they took was a goal, despite the Lions goalie’s clear determination and strength. Goals from UoBs captains, Taya Jackson and Rozy Baynham soon brought the score closer making it 5-2 at half time.

Post half time both teams wanted the win. It was clear from the passion on the pitch displayed by both sides that it was going to be an exciting second half for the spectators. Birmingham were dominant and scored two goals immediately out from the whistle making it 5-4. You could feel the tension and adrenaline for the players in the atmosphere. Shots came close for both teams but once more Durham had the clinical edge and were able to gain a 2 goal advantage once more. Unknown at the time, this goal was crucial as Durham seized the opportunity and quickly heightened their game once more to create a 9-4 lead to Durham.

With the Lions pushing till the very end it seemed they could claw this game back. Unfortunately Durham used their quick breaks to extend their lead to 12-5. It was a very spirited effort by Birmingham and they will be disappointed with a loss. Although the teams seemed quite even, Durham certainly had slight edge. It was the nerves of the first quartre that let the Lions down in the first quater which with time will easily be overcome. The Lions played a fantastic game despite teh scoreline and if they continue to play with that passion, pace and dedication this team will only go up and up this season.