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Match Report: W1 Hockey v Durham

By | Published November 20, 2017

The might of the Lion’s W1 Hockey team prevented Durham from breaking their winning spree as they drew 1-1 with Durham.

The Lions immediately pounced as the whistle signalled the start of the game. Possession was predominately in the hands of Birmingham, but Durham did put up a good fight. Early in the first half, Birmingham’s number 12 just missed scoring a goal but that did not hinder Birmingham’s persistence as 28 minutes into the game, number 12 redeemed herself by getting the ball into the net giving Birmingham a well-deserved lead.

The Lions did have numerous opportunities to score but unfortunately timing and placing caused an issue. Had number 9 not missed a pass after a brilliant steal from golden girl number 12, the Lions would have definitely extended their lead. Also, just before the end of the first half, Birmingham had yet another chance as numbers 4 and 12 assisted each other but the ultimate shot by number 4 went wide on the right. However, Birmingham’s spectacular defence prevented Durham from scoring. Number 21 was particularly strong in the face of Durham’s attack.

Durham struggled to equalise with Birmingham during the first half. After giving possession away to Durham, Birmingham’s goalie was under pressure as the Birmingham half was wide open for Durham to score. However, the quick-paced Lions prevented Durham from scoring after assisting their goalie as the goal was wide open after the goalie successfully defended the first attack by Durham. Minutes before the Lion’s first goal, Durham was again in a prime position to score but the determination of UOB’s goalie dampened any chance of Durham making a mark on the scoreboard in the first half.

As the temperature plummeted, the second half opened with a continuation of Birmingham’s roaring spirit. The Lions definitely had the clinical edge as they continued to defend while Durham continued to attack. But as we entered the final 15 minutes of the game, a tired Durham side clawed back as they scored a somewhat unexpected goal taking the score to 1-1. This goal did awaken Durham’s fighting spirit as they switched to defending rather than attacking, but this did not drop Birmingham’s morale.

The Lions continued to push on after a missed corner by Durham gave Birmingham back possession. The home side had another two near attempts at goal but with the ball touching a Lion’s foot and a slipup caused Birmingham to lose possession near the goal after failing to take the ball forwards with them, the Lions unfortunately could not produce another goal.

The game ended with 1-1. Birmingham had the edge over Durham what with having the majority of the possession and scoring early on in the game, but Durham were determined to lure the Lions away from their unbeaten streak. Birmingham put up a fantastic defence and their stamina was far greater than Durham’s. The Lion’s number 12 is definitely the woman of the match as her quick-thinking and fast-pace secured Birmingham their early lead. Birmingham will head into next week feeling confident that their unbeaten streak will remain intact.