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Match Report: W2 Volleyball v Nottingham Trent 2nd

By | Published December 11, 2017

Birmingham Women’s Volleyball team came out on top in the clash of the league leaders. The Lions beat Nottingham Trent in straight sets in a fierce game of volleyball.

Birmingham clearly headed into the game wanting to get out in front first. Creating a slender lead of around 3 or 4 points, the mighty Lions sustained their lead right through to the end, winning the set 20-25. Nottingham put up a really good fight, not making it easy for Birmingham in the opening exchanges, but it always felt like it was going to be a victory for the home side.

The second set was much closer than the first. Biringham had a lead of 9-3 at one point in the match, only to be caught up with the resilient Nottingham Trent side who soon took the lead with 14-15.

However, after a long delay in play, it was discovered that there had been a scoring error. This was a mistake that myself and Oli had noticed but assumed the point had been replayed. Due to this error, both teams were forced to replay the entire set. Clinical as ever, the Lions almost perfectly replicate the first set, coming out 25-21 winners. This was clearly controversial given Nottingham Trent had the lead prior to set being replayed and it was them that had supposedly missed out on a point.

By the time of the third set, it felt as if we had entered a fourth set instead as we had basically seen three sets already played. Thus the fatigue began settling for both sides. Shape started to break down and mistakes became increasingly frequent. However, Birmingham were on a high after their winning spree and pressed home their advantage. The Lions dominated and came out winning 25-16.

This victory not only puts Birmingham top of the league but makes them the only unbeaten team in their division. After a month long Christmas break, we will see the Lions dominance come to the fore once again as they face second from bottom Loughborough 2nds in January.