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American Football – Birmingham Lions 30-35 Hertforshire Hurricanes

By | Published December 11, 2016

Hurricanes break Lions Herts in thriller at Metchley 3G.

The result of this match was not what the Lions were looking for but at the same time it was a real spectacle to watch, constant back and forth attacking, exciting plays from both sides.

img_3378The Lions’ offence was very impressive with Elliot Walters, the starting running back, having another game of running over 200 yards. The Lions’ final touchdown was impressive as well and this was due to Biyi Adetunji running over 30 yards and brushed off defenders in the process.

The Hurricanes put a good fight up to win with some very good plays in both offence and defence, there running back, number 9, did some very powerful and hard hitting runs which gained them much territory. The Hurricanes also had a good quarterback who was able to throw long and accurately to his wide-receivers, this allowed them to either gain good ground or in some cases score a touchdown.

Going into the second half it was all to play for, both teams came out fighting in full force with it being the most exciting and nerve wracking half of the season so far. It had much back and forth scoring and competitive plays. Both side-lines were getting very excited when good plays and scores were done. I feel that this shows just how much both teams wanted to win and why it was such a spectacle to watch.img_3382

The game came down to the final minute of play and the Hurricanes were within the Lions’ goal line and their quarterback threw it to one of the left-hand wide receivers and they scored the winning touchdown to win the game 30-35.

Overall, I would have to say that this was the most exciting, tense and thrilling game of the Lions’ season so far. Even though the win was not what we were looking for it still proves that the team has it in us to win and compete with the best of the best in our league.

The Lions have since beaten Swansea 28-19 this weekend (10th December) to get back to winning ways.