Off Air

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Morning Shows 09:00 - 11:00

Happy Hour with Maddie and Nat

with Maddie & Nat
Mondays at 9am

Jam with Jace

with Jason Obiri-Yeboah
Tuesdays at 9am

Burn AM

with Elliot Keen & George Soole
Wednesdays at 9am

Made in Selly

with Rhiannon Freya
Thursdays at 9am

Morning Glory

with John Rogers Sophie Rainbird
Fridays at 9am

Waking up with Will & Ben

with Will Weightman Ben Watts
Saturdays at 10am

Phelan to the Lions

with Matt Phelan
Sundays at 10am

Daytime Shows 11:00 - 17:00

Pick n’ Mix

with Aaron Loman
Thursdays at 12pm


with Joel And Sam Dowson and Hermes
Mondays at 12pm

Gingers Have Soul

with Joe Martin
Sundays at 2pm

What up in France?

with Emmanuel Gutman
Mondays at 11am

Burnt in the Booth

with Lee Wingfield
Tuesdays at 2pm

Cheese and Crackers

with z
Tuesdays at 12pm


with Hamdan Arifeen
Tuesdays at 11am

The Breakdown

with Holly & Felix
Wednesdays at 4pm

Screen Queens

with Lucy Olivia
Wednesdays at 2pm

Two Half Men

with y
Wednesdays at 12pm


with Rhi Storer
Wednesdays at 11am


with Emily Hannah
Thursdays at 4pm

Hidden Treasures

with Paige Tracey
Thursdays at 2pm

Hey Mate!

with Rachel/Lucy Baker/Price
Mondays at 4pm


with Zia Bresnahan
Thursdays at 11am

Friday Night Politics

with Angus Gillan and Alex Garrido
Fridays at 4pm


with Scarlet Martin
Fridays at 12pm

Keeping the Faith

with Mollie Denning
Fridays at 11am


with Ben Mathilde
Saturdays at 4pm

Sunday Sounds

with Katie Alphey & Rach Tindall
Sundays at 4pm

Brexplicit Content

with Ben Giblin, Sam Bernard, Jack Fantham & Dan Wootton
Sundays at 3pm

Men Behaving Mildly

with o
Sundays at 12pm

Guke Box

with Luke Georgia
Mondays at 2pm

Evening Shows 17:00 - 19:00

The Sound of Brum

with Rhiannon Miller
Mondays at 6pm

The Arts Team Show

with Arts Team
Mondays at 7pm

Prime Culture

with George Alderson
Mondays at 8pm

Choose Film

with Tom and Zoe
Mondays at 9pm


with Sowah Dua
Mondays at 10pm

The Burn Miscellany

with Dan Wootton
Tuesdays at 6pm

The News Team Show

with News Team
Wednesdays at 7pm


with Emily Wigston
Tuesdays at 8pm


with x
Tuesdays at 9pm

Burning Strong

with Guest
Wednesdays at 6pm


with George Hodson
Wednesdays at 8pm

8-Bit Odyssey

with Catherine Pullinger Ben Henley-Washford
Wednesdays at 9pm

One Knight Stand

with Natasha Knight
Wednesdays at 10pm

DMC’s With Deep MC’s

with Ryan Ginger Davis Jones
Thursdays at 6pm

The Sports Team Show

with Sports Team
Thursdays at 7pm

Thursday Night Football Review

with Felix Parkin Jordan Elkes
Thursdays at 8pm


with Legends
Thursdays at 9pm


with Fresh Burners
Fridays at 6pm

The Chart Show

with The Burn Comittee
Fridays at 7pm

Redbrick Radio

with Redbrick
Fridays at 9pm

Black Magic Radio

with Jared Patterson
Saturdays at 6pm

Turn Back Time

with Dulcie Henri Will
Saturdays at 7pm

The Hip Hop Radio Show

with Hip Hop Society
Saturdays at 9pm

Metal Soc Radio

with Elliot Goddard
Sundays at 6pm


with Oscar Rees
Sundays at 7pm

The Breakfast Club at Tea Time

with Aaron Ajimal Elliot Little Liam Powell
Sundays at 8pm

Nighttime Shows 19:00 - 23:00

Pres at JT’s

with Jamie Tomkinson
Thursdays at 10pm

Thought for Talk

with Ogechi Melanie & Janice
Fridays at 10pm

The saddest song in the world

with Nick Mikey
Saturdays at 10pm

Indie Birmingham

with Katie Leigh-Lancaster & Oli Gillman
Sundays at 9pm

The Suffradecks

with The Girls of Burn
Sundays at 10pm