Off Air

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Morning Shows 09:00 - 11:00

The Burn Breakfast: Dan Wootton

with Dan Wootton
Mondays at 9am

The Burn Breakfast: Have I Got Tues For You

with John Rogers and Sophie Rainbaird
Tuesdays at 9am

The Burn Breakfast: OJ in the Morning

with Ollie Cook and James Cox
Thursdays at 9am

The Talk of Shame

with Sophia Hollis and Evie Forbes
Wednesdays at 9am

The Burn Breakfast: The Hangover Cure

with Ben Henley-Washford and Luke Bosher
Fridays at 9am

The Burn Breakfast: Waking Up with Will and Ben

with Ben Watts and Will Birmingham
Saturdays at 9am

Al Mill and Lil Bell vs The World

with Lillie Bellamy and Alice Mills
Thursdays at 3pm

The Burn Breakfast: UoBreakfast Club

with Lousie Bebb and Georgie Clark
Sundays at 10am

Daytime Shows 11:00 - 17:00

Partners in Rhyme

with Katie Pearlgood, Izzy Swain and Gabriella Drinkald
Thursdays at 1pm

A Show Called Malice

with Alice Elizabeth Barber and Matt Sellars
Tuesdays at 11am


with Nina Avitabile and Matthew Freddura
Tuesdays at 3pm

The All New Request Show

with Madeline Bourne and Natalie Welch
Thursdays at 11am

The Chronicles of Ridiculousness

with Theo Hamburger, Saul Nagus and Stephanie Elek
Wednesdays at 3pm

The Baker and Brooks Show

with Rachel Baker and Emily Brooks
Mondays at 11am


with Matt Phelan and Dex Ellington
Wednesdays at 1pm

Ministry Of Queer

with Charlie Jones
Tuesdays at 1pm

Burning Questions

with Catherine Pullinger
Wednesdays at 4.30pm

The Jack and Tom Show feat. Joe

with Jack Johnson, Joe Leavey and Tom Brown
Wednesdays at 11am


with Rhiannon Miller and Freya Schofield
Thursdays at 4.30pm

Straight Outta Selly

with Sam Bernard and Carys Bedford
Mondays at 1pm

ValeFest Preview Show

with Nick Peters Mikey Tree Katie Alphey
Fridays at 5.30pm

Back to the Soundtrack

with Daniel Martin and Will Wright
Saturdays at 1pm

Get Silly with Jess and Millie

with Millie Smith and Jess Repetti
Saturdays at 4pm

The Live Lounge

with Ben Irving
Saturdays at 11.30am


with Ronke Oladele, Funmi Odunewu and Seunfunmi Tinubu
Saturdays at 3pm

Just Debate LIVE

with Benji Fisher
Saturdays at 5pm

Meet Me in the Midlands

with Emily Youlton and Matt Page
Tuesdays at 4.30pm


with Anna Pitts and Ben Price
Sundays at 7pm


with Kiran Mistry and Louis Rose
Sundays at 11.30am

The B-Files

with Ella Wright and Alicia Stone
Sundays at 1pm

Curtain Call

with Rachel Gooderson
Sundays at 2pm

Evening Shows 17:00 - 19:00

Dubsoc Radio

with James Ball and Dubsoc
Wednesdays at 6pm

The Arts Team Show

with Zoë Head and The Arts Team
Mondays at 7pm

Black Magic Radio

with Jared Patterson
Mondays at 6pm

Into the Mix

with Dan Wootton and Ben Giblin
Tuesdays at 8pm

The News Team Show

with Anna Doyle, Issie Connolly and The News Team
Tuesdays at 7pm

The Music Team Show

with Alice Mills, Ben Irving and the Music Team
Wednesdays at 7pm

Off the Wall

with Oscar Minors
Saturdays at 6pm

DJ Pete Garage Sessions

with Peter Jamieson
Thursdays at 6pm

Burn Under the Radar

with Burn FM
Wednesdays at 8pm

In The Spotlight

with George Whittingham, Katie Packer and Katelyn Elder
Tuesdays at 6pm

The Sports Team Show

with Sam Bernard, Jack Simpkin and The Sports Team
Thursdays at 7pm

The Discovery Show

with New Host Every Week
Fridays at 7pm

Valefest Preview Show

with Nick Peters, Mikey Tree and Katie Alphey
Fridays at 5.30pm

Valefest Radio

with Nicholas Peters, Mikey Tree and Katie Alphey
Saturdays at 7pm

The Versus Show

with Zoë Head and Lizzie Lister
Sundays at 6pm

Nighttime Shows 19:00 - 23:00

Prime Culture

with George Alderson and Gisela Wright
Mondays at 9pm

Maxibon and Biscotti’s Buttery Biscuit Bass

with Scott Ripley and Max Morgan
Mondays at 8pm

Nice Genre, Bro

with John James, Tom Noyes and Jez Skinner
Tuesdays at 10pm

Bollywood Hour Returns

with Hasina Khan
Tuesdays at 9pm


with Rhiannon Miller
Wednesdays at 9pm

The NFL Show

with Will Colahan
Thursdays at 10pm


with Emily Wigston
Saturdays at 8pm

The Brum Rugby Show

with Morgan Roberts, Oli Lathorpe and Will Wright
Thursdays at 9pm

The Late Night Love Hour

with Aaron Cooper and James Lambert
Wednesdays at 10pm


with Joe Leavey
Mondays at 10pm

The Bucket List

with Isabelle Weller and Sarah Wright
Saturdays at 9pm

The North American Music Show

with Jack Johnson
Fridays at 8pm

The Late Night Lock in With Alex and Tom

with Tom Geraghty and Alexandra Lockyer
Saturdays at 10pm

The Chart Show

with BURN FM
Fridays at 10pm


with Itunu Abolarinwa and Shaniyaa Holness-Mckenzie
Fridays at 9pm

The Sunday Night Review

with Jack Simpkin and Patrick Herbert
Sundays at 9pm

The Hip Hop Soc Show

with Matt Sellars, Andrew Beattie, John Luscombe
Sundays at 10pm

The Rewind Hour

with Brittany Holder
Sundays at 8pm