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The Late Night Love Hour

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Wednesdays at 10pm

Hosted by: Aaron Cooper and James Lambert

Snuggle up with your best gal/guy/pillow and tune in for a romantic hour of soft and sensual tunes. Enjoy a mildly comedic take on love and relationships from two of the most sultry voices to ever air on Burn FM. Sit back and relax as James Lambert and Aaron Cooper guide you through the tricky world of romance with the little knowledge they assume to have.

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  • #1 LNLH Fan

    This is the best show on BURN FM.

  • HJ #1 Fan

    I want to hear Harry’s!!!!

  • HJ #1 Fan

    I want to hear Harry’s voice <3

  • HJ #1 Fan

    HJ > JL

  • HJ #1 Fan

    Harry knows how to do late night love like no one else; he should be here every week!