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Thursdays at 4.30pm

Hosted by: Rhiannon Miller and Freya Schofield

You. Yes you. Listen up! It’s time to #GetYourBurnOn with us, Rhi and Frey. Want another excuse to procrastinate your day away? #radiogoals has got you sorted; with the hottest hits, the pop culture everyone’s talking about, and all the chit-chat you could possibly need. So what are you waiting for? #GetYourBurnOn, turn it up and go hard or go home with your very own #radiogoals.

  • Will Pearce

    Would you rather have no one turn up to your funeral or your wedding

    • Rhiannon Miller

      Oh sorry, we’ve only just seen this! We’ll defo ask this one on air on Thursday so be sure to tune in 🙂