Off Air

We'll be back on air soon!


On Air:

Saturdays at 3pm

Hosted by: Ronke Oladele, Funmi Odunewu and Seunfunmi Tinubu

Ronke and Funmi are back with our newest edition to the Super-Duo, to make a brand new Super-Trio: “Offbeat”.  Bringing to you One Show with Different Angles. As a collective group of uni students, each week we dive into life’s thought provoking topics, from the unique perspectives we all bring. At the root of it all, we want to figure out how different are we all really? We’ll be bringing to you our signature Off-beat segments like: Ronke’s Daydreams – Where she’ll share some of her weekly wisdoms and life lessons. ‘Funmi’s Hotseat’ – raising the temperature with some pressing on-the spot questions for her co-hosts. And ‘Seunfunmi Selects’, bringing to you a special selection of his favorite throwback tracks.

This show is bound to keep you thinking well after the show is up.