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IDENTITY is a chat show putting a spotlight on topics and issues impacting BME University students. Delving into lively discussion, debate and interviews while vibising to music by upcoming British BME artists represent is all about representation of BME voices in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

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    I think that there is a relationship between race and friendship because, every race has associated cultures and shared experiences among people of that same race. And I think it’s the fact that people generally find it easier to identify with someone from the same culture as them & someone who actually empathises with their experiences. This is all generally speaking. I think with black people, for example, our different cultures tend to immediately call people brother and sister. And so we tend to click faster with other people who also are like that maybe. I think that race just tends to correlate with culture and it’s actually culture that plays the bigger role. 🙂

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    no wayyy, Michael is on the radio?!

    • Jonathan Brooks

      woop woop