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Mac Demarco + Dinner – 10/9/15

Mac DeMarco, the New York based Canadian singer, journeyed down to Birmingham last week for one of the last legs of his European tour. Promoting his newly released mini-LP ‘Another One’ (August 2015), Mac’s debut performance at the Institute – and the legend of his often wild and messy shows – had the joint packed …Read More


ENGAGE: Birmingham Lions bite is blunted by strong Nottingham side

Despite a rousing pre-match routine from the Birmingham Pussycats and a spectacular half time show from the Red Devil parachute team, University of Birmingham’s Rugby 1XI were unable to respond to a strong performance from the visiting University of Nottingham side, who came out on top in the pre-season friendly. The Lions got off to …Read More

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Burnie the Bookworm!

The Help by Kathryn Stockett is a timeless novel which shows the peak of racial segregation in America. The novel illuminates upon a time where turbulence and conflict grew as black people pushed harder than ever before for their civil rights. However, it demonstrates how not all areas were in time with these change, especially …Read More