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Around the Globe in 42 days!

A new record has been set for sailing around the globe solo! Impressively, French sailor Francois Gabart managed the record breaking feat in 42 Days and 16 hours, beating the previous record by a massive 6 days. The previous record was broken earlier this year by his fellow Frenchman Thomas Coville in ‘the Vendee Globe’. …Read More

Trump’s Travel Ban Saga So Far

  Donald Trump’s campaign to become the President of the United States of America had many different slogans and promises from ‘Make America Great Again’ to ‘Build the Wall’, but one of the most controversial policy statements the 45th President made was in December 2015 when he announced his plan for a ‘total and complete …Read More

Will Bitcoin Crash?

It’s the currency that’s skyrocketed in the last few days – but is it, as the saying goes, no smoke without fire? Bitcoin, the worldwide cryptocurrency and payment system, has seen itself valued at a record $11,000 (£8,200) on Wednesday after a sharp but often volatile rise this year. The skyrocketing price may be due …Read More

Robert Mugabe Resigns as President of Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe has resigned as president of Zimbabwe with immediate effect after 37 years in power, the speaker of the country’s parliament has said. Wild jubilation broke out among MPs when the speaker, Jacob Mudenda, made the announcement. A letter from Mr. Mugabe said that the decision was voluntary and that he had made it …Read More

Storm Ophelia – Britain’s New Reality?

Here in the British Isles we are used to a certain level of dreariness, grey skies and drizzle with the occasional knee-deep flooding after a particularly prolonged period of said drizzle. Our green and pleasant land has rarely seen anything such as the ferocity of the recent wrath of Storm Ophelia, as it came in …Read More

Japanese Election 2017

In June this year, an election called 3 years early by Theresa May saw her majority lost and authority damaged after her plan to secure a mandate for carrying out Brexit backfired. On October 22nd, another island nation on the other side of the world will go to the polls in a premature election – …Read More

The Taboo that is Mental Health

Last Tuesday as a university we recognised World Mental Health Day, which takes place worldwide on 10th October each year. Mental Health has been a major topic in the news this year, with substantial cuts to the NHS budget; royals such as Prince Harry have opened up about his support for mental health issues. It …Read More

Harvey Weinstein: Harassment in HollyWood

Before recently Harvey Weinstein was best known for his work as an American film producer and studio director, producing highly acclaimed films such as, ‘Shakespeare in Love’ and ‘My Week With Marilyn’.  However, on Thursday 5th of October the New York Times released an article which turned speculation about his inappropriate behaviour toward young women …Read More

Why are young people not voting?

This past year we have been rocked with recent electoral results. Young people in Britain between the ages of 18 and 29 have been witness to the exit of the UK from the European Union and now in what seems more devastating, the election of Donald Trump to the office of President. Yet time after …Read More

The Year of the Bear

At the start of the year the common consensus in the media was that the struggling Russian economy, due to corruption, western sanctions and an oversized military, meant that a liberal pro-western transition was all but inevitable. Politicians and pundits fell over themselves in asserting that Russia’s interventions in Ukraine and Syria did not reflect …Read More