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Harvey Weinstein: Harassment in HollyWood

Before recently Harvey Weinstein was best known for his work as an American film producer and studio director, producing highly acclaimed films such as, ‘Shakespeare in Love’ and ‘My Week With Marilyn’.  However, on Thursday 5th of October the New York Times released an article which turned speculation about his inappropriate behaviour toward young women …Read More

Race, Trump and the NFL

The National Football League is about big names, big plays and big hits. The entire game or even an entire season can come down to five seconds on the clock, a last-ditch attempt to get the ball down the field, into the End Zone, and score a touchdown. Recently, however, the focus has not been …Read More

Insights and Analysis: Labour Party Conference 2017

If I was to sum up the week’s news in a catchy phrase bursting with alliteration, it would be something like “polls, planes, and Puerto Rico”. Bizarrely, though, the national media focus in recent days has been aimed at a setting far closer to home – Brighton. The colourful seaside resort – and infamous Green …Read More

Thinking of Applying for a Show? Do it.

Thinking of applying for a show? Do it. Radio is just the best. It’s better than TV and it’s better than doing any of the other meaningless and shallow activities you’re considering for this year at university. If you’re still not convinced, below are some fine examples of the kind of fun you could be …Read More

General Election 2017: The Burn Analysis

In the two weeks since GE17, the UK’s General Election on the 8th of June 2017, the political reverberations resonating from it have not abated in significance, and will remain crucial to the future of this country. Here, Burn’s analysts give you their take on how each of the top four parties fared; after reputations rose defiantly, …Read More

SNP Manifesto Breakdown

Whilst most readers will be unable to vote for them (bar any rogue students studying at Scottish universities who have stumbled upon this article), it would be unfair to cover the 2017 General Election without including analysis of the ever-growing Scottish National Party and their recently released 2017 manifesto. Who are the Scottish National Party? …Read More

General Election 2017: Liberal Democrats Manifesto At-A-Glance

The Liberal Democrat’s General Election Manifesto was officially launched on Wednesday, a document that urges the voter to change the face of British politics by changing the opposition. Arguably the most significant pledge included in the manifesto is the second EU referendum that will be offered to voters at the end of the two years …Read More

Conservative Candidate Andy Street is West Midlands Mayor

Conservative candidate and former John Lewis boss Andy Street has been elected as the metro Mayor for the West Midlands, it was announced last Friday. The result follows the local elections held on Thursday 4th May, which were the first of their kind since 1981. The vote followed calls for devolution of power from Westminster …Read More