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Guild Elections on Burn FM

Guild Election: Full Time Officer Candidate Interviews 2017

Burn Fm has invited all the Full-Time Officer Candidates for an interview detailing their policies, experience and why they think they are the best candidates to represent students at the University of Birmingham. Below, you can find all of the interviews that took place, split into Officer positions. They are: Activities and Development, Education, Housing, Post …Read More

A Bitesize Guide to the Guild Elections 2016

The Guild Elections are here – giving us the opportunity to vote for the people who will be running our Student’s Union next year. The Elections can seem a bit confusing if it is your first time voting, this guide will help you understand what you are voting for, why and how.     The …Read More

Guild Elections: Full-Time Candidate Interviews

In preparation for tomorrow’s opening of voting, Burn FM News invited all Full-Time candidates to the Burn Studio in order to learn a little more about them. Those who were available to attend were able to expand on their policies and chat a little bit about why their prospective positions are so important within the …Read More

Guild Elections: Full-Time Officer Candidates Announced

Who’s in the running? Following yesterday’s circulation of all Part-Time Officer candidates, the Guild of Students today released the equivalent list for Full-Time positions, in an announcement this morning. With over 40 candidates to choose from, it’s a record year for Guild democracy. They are, as follows: Activities and Development Officer: Natalie ‘Foxy Coxy’ Caley …Read More

Guild Elections: Part-Time Officer Candidates Announced

In preparation for tomorrow’s full announcement, in which Full-Time Officer candidate and full manifesto information will be made public, the Guild of Students released the list of candidates for Part-Time Officer positions this morning. The positions, and subsequent candidates, are as follows: Anti-Racism, Anti-Fascism Officer: Rachel Fisch Mohammad Naderi   Community Action Officer: Rukayah Adewoye …Read More