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Guild Elections 2018 on Burn FM

Guild International Officer Candidates

Name: Charlie (Muhammad Afzal) Age: 25 Course: Masters in Electrical Power Systems Name: Namrata Ramchandra Bhoir Age: 21 Course: Masters in Economics Name: Mirabel Chu Age: 20 Course: Law Name: Abubakar Garo Age: N/A Course: N/A   Did Not attend media day/ Rearrange interview   Name: Sam Kocheri Clement Age: N/A Course: N/A   Did …Read More

Guild Education Officer Candidates

Name: Adam Goldsone Campaign Name: Adam “Go for Gold” Goldstone Age: 24 Course: previously studied Electronics and Electrical Engineering Name: Maximillian Palmer Age: 20 Course: Ancient History

Guild Sports Officer Candidates

Name: Kate Seary Campaign Name: KATE SEARYous About Sport Age: 21 Course: History and Politics Name: Simon Price Campaign Name: ‘Simon Says’ Price Age: 20 Course: Sports and Exercise Science Name: Zac Viney Campaign Name: Zak “Vardy” Viney Age: 22 Course: Mechanical and Materials Engineering Name: Rachel Potter Age: 21 Course: Research Masters in Sports …Read More

Guild Welfare and Community Officer Candidates

Name: Lucinda Bleichroeder-Baker Campaign Name: Juicy Lucy Age: 20 Course: Psychology Name: Emily Wigston Campaign Name: Emily ‘Wonder Wiggo’ Wigston Age: 20 Course: English Literature Name: Isabel Bygrave Campaign Name: Izzy “Bizzy Bee” Bygrave Age: 19 Course: Economics and Politics Name: Joe Cooper Campaign Name: Joe “No Gimmicks” Cooper Age: 21 Course: Physics Name: Josh …Read More

Guild Activities and Employability Officer Candidates

Name: Curtis Collins Campaign Name: Captain Collins Age: 21 Course: Mathematics Name: Robyn Macpherson Campaign Name: Robyn Your Vote Age: N/A Course: Drama and Theatre Arts   Did Not attend media day/ Rearrange interview   Name: Federico Urciuoli Age: 24 Course: International Relations Name: Matthew Maher Age: 20 Course: Classical Literature and Civilisations Name: Rachel …Read More

Guild President Candidates

Name: Kris Burnett Campaign Name: Kis-py Kreme Burnett Age: 22 Course: International Relations Name: Harry Hall Campaign Name: Harry-Bo Age: 21 Course: Social Policy and Sociology Name: Reece Patrick Roberts Campaign Name: Reece’s Pieces Age: 19 Course: Political Science Name: Dan Wootton Campaign Name: Dan ‘Woot Woot’ Wootton Age: 21 Course: English and Creative Writing