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On Monday 30th January in Birmingham’s Victoria Square, hundreds of people protested over President Trump’s executive order that bans residents from seven major Islamic countries entering the United States. The protesters were also reacting against Theresa May and her decision not to condemn Trumps recent controversial legislation. Instead meeting with him in the US to discuss trade deals between the two countries; leading to protesters labelling her ‘Theresa the appeaser’.IMG_2324

Various representatives from groups such as the Labour Party, LGBTQ+ Against Islamophobia and Stand Up to Racism all spoke to the crowd criticising recent events and the demonisation of refugees and Muslims across the world.

The crowd was filled with many passionate students from UOB, BCU and Aston, as well as people of all ages and backgrounds coming together in solidarity. The masses joined in chants and song led by the speakers who spoke emotively about their disappointment at Theresa May’s decision not to openly discuss President Trump’s order; this action, or lack thereof, by May was frequently likened to the policy of appeasement under Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in the 1930s which is widely regarded as a failure by historians and political theorists.

Burn FM spoke to Geoff Dexter, the co-founder and campaigner for LGBT+ Against Islamophobia, listen below:

We also interviewed Jaspreet Singh, the Vice President of Student Experience at Birmingham City University. Singh spoke eloquently about a humanitarian approach to Trump’s executive order.

Listen below:

Protesters gathered around the country including major cities such as London, Manchester, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. More protests are set to go ahead in the coming weeks in Birmingham and across the UK.