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The Real Victim of Guy Fawkes Night

Sure, Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspirers faced a decidedly grim end, but in 2015 they are no longer the real victims. Nor is democracy. Rather, it’s the environment. Recently, the environment has taken a pretty substantial hit. Car firms have been lying about the carbon emissions of their cars. Volkswagen was able to misrepresent …Read More

An Update on the Free Periods Campaign

In October 2015, the University of Birmingham, led by Representation and Resources Officer Daisy Lindlar, began the Free Periods campaign.  This campaign has received high praise from students, the media, and has challenged understandings of sanitary products and periods. Following the shameful vote in parliament that ensured that sanitary products would continue to be taxed …Read More

UOB and the Guild of Students release Statement on anti-Semitic attacks

On 3rd November, the Guild of Students and the University of Birmingham delivered a joint statement regarding the anti-Semitic attacks of recent stating that: “We unreservedly condemn the anti-Semitic posters found on campus in recent days and the vile abuse directed at Guild Officer Izzy Lenga on social media. We have reported the matter to …Read More

Considering a PHD at UoB?

With the recent opening of the Westmere building as a postgraduate research hub; a clean, practical and attractive venue for PHD students to work and relax together, it would seem that choosing to begin your research at the University of Birmingham is currently a very attractive option. Burn FM’s deputy manager and only Postgraduate on …Read More

Tax Credit Cuts and The House of Lords

‘Labour can utilise dissent in the Tory ranks to their advantage. However, that they can does not meant that they will be able to’ Question Time has been the crucible of lively debate on the BBC for years, and a few weeks ago it proved to be so again. One former Tory voter stood and …Read More

‘Mansion Arrest’ Oscar Pistorius released from prison

Oscar Pistorius, who was sentenced in 2014 to five years in prison for shooting and killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, has been released from prison to serve the remainder of his sentence for culpable homicide under house arrest terms.   Oscar Pistorius, the ‘blade runner’ was convicted in October 2014 of ‘culpable homicide’ after shooting …Read More

Welcome To Westmere!

University of Birmingham postgraduates now have a specific, designated space on campus – in the form of the beautiful Westmere House. Westmere aims to provide a phsycial base from which the postgraduate community can grow and thrive. Located at G15 on the University’s campus map,  the building,  which was constructed in 1860, has been redeveloped …Read More

General Election 2015: Constituency Guide for Selly Oak

 Selly Oak is one of four local council wards that make up the UK parliamentary constituency of the same name, which was created 60 years ago. Labour’s Steve McCabe was elected as it’s MP for the first time in 2010, but the seat has been a stronghold for his party for the past 23 years, …Read More