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Sutton Coldfield MP Andrew Mitchell visits University in student-led debate

Andrew Mitchell is infamously remembered for one scandal, however as politicians go he is rather more complex. The talk was part of a series of student led talks put on by the School of Social Policy. Mitchell stated at the beginning that he was going to try and persuade the audience to vote Conservative at the General Election in May, which was followed with a mild laugh. The focus of his speech was the economy and the non-partisan topic of the erosion of civil liberties.

Guild Officer Team Elections 2015

It’s that time again. The race has begun for University of Birmingham students to elect their team of sabbatical and non-sabbatical officers who will lead their students’ union in the next academic year. Follow the coverage at

Back It Up Week on BurnFM

Joining forces across The University of Birmingham and throughout campus, both the UoB Service desk and BurnFM have the aim of encouraging students to protect their incredibly valuable work by initiating a backup plan across various platforms. Working in conjunction with the Guild of Students, both teams are looking to demonstrate the importance of backing …Read More

Leaders Live Local: Interviews with Birmingham Politicians

On Thursday 5th February, Birmingham City University hosted the Leaders Live Local debates. Students from across the City’s universities came together, questioning the panel on the latest political issues pertinent to the forthcoming election. We sent along four of our news correspondents to Millennium Point to both listen and interview the panelists to see their views regarding national politics as well as issues affecting students.

Just managing: Is the NHS in crisis again? A lecture by Professor Mark Exworthy

On the 28th January, Professor Mark Exworthy gave his inaugural lecture at the University of Birmingham. When he chose the name of this lecture back in September, he had little idea that the NHS was about to go through what has been called the ‘worst A&E crisis ever’. His talk could not have come at a more critical time.

Holocaust Memorial Day: Birmingham Comes Together to Remember Genocides

listen to ‘Holocaust Memorial Day: Birmingham comes together to remember genocides’ on audioBoom The writings of Holocaust survivor and writer Primo Levi often provide a sense of perspective when commemorating the tragedy that killed six mllion Jews, along with other groups including Poles, black people, gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses and homosexuals. As this year’s theme was “Keeping the …Read More