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Holocaust Memorial Day: Birmingham Comes Together to Remember Genocides

listen to ‘Holocaust Memorial Day: Birmingham comes together to remember genocides’ on audioBoom The writings of Holocaust survivor and writer Primo Levi often provide a sense of perspective when commemorating the tragedy that killed six mllion Jews, along with other groups including Poles, black people, gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses and homosexuals. As this year’s theme was “Keeping the …Read More

Holocaust Memorial Day

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Burn Live – Full Line-Up Announcement!

This evening we are delighted to announce the full  line-up of the upcoming Burn Live on Friday 23rd January at the Bristol Pear. Headlining are Birmingham punk rockers Dead Frequency, who are guaranteed to put on an incredible performance, having supported the likes of [spunge], Andrew WK and Me First & the Gimme Gimmes in …Read More

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New Year Giveaway!

It’s January. After a festive period of overindulgence, you’ve probably set up some conscious healthy-lifestyle changes … but who said you had to go it alone?!



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Amelia Womack: Joint Deputy Leader of the Green Party