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Guild International Officer Candidates

Name: Charlie (Muhammad Afzal) Age: 25 Course: Masters in Electrical Power Systems Name: Namrata Ramchandra Bhoir Age: 21 Course: Masters in Economics Name: Mirabel Chu Age: 20 Course: Law Name: Abubakar Garo Age: N/A Course: N/A   Did Not attend media day/ Rearrange interview   Name: Sam Kocheri Clement Age: N/A Course: N/A   Did …Read More

Guild Education Officer Candidates

Name: Adam Goldsone Campaign Name: Adam “Go for Gold” Goldstone Age: 24 Course: previously studied Electronics and Electrical Engineering Name: Maximillian Palmer Age: 20 Course: Ancient History

Guild Sports Officer Candidates

Name: Kate Seary Campaign Name: KATE SEARYous About Sport Age: 21 Course: History and Politics Name: Simon Price Campaign Name: ‘Simon Says’ Price Age: 20 Course: Sports and Exercise Science Name: Zac Viney Campaign Name: Zak “Vardy” Viney Age: 22 Course: Mechanical and Materials Engineering Name: Rachel Potter Age: 21 Course: Research Masters in Sports …Read More

Guild Welfare and Community Officer Candidates

Name: Lucinda Bleichroeder-Baker Campaign Name: Juicy Lucy Age: 20 Course: Psychology Name: Emily Wigston Campaign Name: Emily ‘Wonder Wiggo’ Wigston Age: 20 Course: English Literature Name: Isabel Bygrave Campaign Name: Izzy “Bizzy Bee” Bygrave Age: 19 Course: Economics and Politics Name: Joe Cooper Campaign Name: Joe “No Gimmicks” Cooper Age: 21 Course: Physics Name: Josh …Read More

Guild Activities and Employability Officer Candidates

Name: Curtis Collins Campaign Name: Captain Collins Age: 21 Course: Mathematics Name: Robyn Macpherson Campaign Name: Robyn Your Vote Age: N/A Course: Drama and Theatre Arts   Did Not attend media day/ Rearrange interview   Name: Federico Urciuoli Age: 24 Course: International Relations Name: Matthew Maher Age: 20 Course: Classical Literature and Civilisations Name: Rachel …Read More

Guild President Candidates

Name: Kris Burnett Campaign Name: Kis-py Kreme Burnett Age: 22 Course: International Relations Name: Harry Hall Campaign Name: Harry-Bo Age: 21 Course: Social Policy and Sociology Name: Reece Patrick Roberts Campaign Name: Reece’s Pieces Age: 19 Course: Political Science Name: Dan Wootton Campaign Name: Dan ‘Woot Woot’ Wootton Age: 21 Course: English and Creative Writing

100 Years of Votes for Women

Today – on the 6th February 2018 – marks the centenary since women in the U.K. gained the right to vote. This time one hundred years ago parliament passed the Representation of People Act giving the right to vote to women aged over 30 giving, 8 million women the suffrage they deserved. One hundred years …Read More