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Mr Jukes ft. BJ the Chicago kid-Angels/Your Love

By | Published March 31, 2017

An assured debut single for Bombay Bicycle Club frontman Jack Steadman’s solo project Mr Jukes thrusts him back into the spotlight.

Mere seconds after clicking the play button on “Angels/Your Love”, you know you’re in for a treat. With a gorgeously seductive saxophone lick drawing you in, you’d be heartless not to fall for this one right from the start. The sax is woven in with an infectious bassline at the bottom end, accompanied by dashes of what sounds like a muted church organ, and a (tastefully restrained) children’s choir. All this makes for a thick and layered feel, but with the standard of production it’s in no way overwhelming or chaotic.

Steadman made no secret of his love for travelling during his Bombay Bicycle Club days, and South American influences are evident in abundance here. BJ the Chicago Kid’s featuring vocals bring a twist to the track though, taking a sound fit for the carnival and revealing a sombre side – he admits “something’s been missing – I thought I was good, but I really wasn’t living”, and suddenly, the rejoicing chorus seems shaded with heartache and desperation.

Shamelessly groovy, this song is an indulgence for Mr Jukes, and he’s made it available for you to indulge in too (via a music streaming service of your choice).

Mr Jukes’ debut album “God First” lands on 9th June, and it looks as though Steadman will maintain his status as a truly talented musician, and continue to evolve in the fascinating way he always did with Bombay Bicycle Club.