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Jack Garratt – Fire / Surprise Yourself

By | Published February 18, 2016

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jack Garratt is releasing his debut album Phase tomorrow – and man are we excited. Over the last two years, Garratt’s been teasing us with EPs and singles, building an incredible momentum in his career. The album k both new and old songs, with ‘Worry’ from the Remnants EP and album singles ‘Breathe Life’ and ‘Weathered’ appearing on the tracklisting. Now it’s almost here, and he’s just released two more tracks in advance.


Rating: ★★★½☆

‘Fire’ was first heard on Beats 1 with Zane Lowe, a song that Jack Garratt’s kept under wraps all this time. More recently, the singles seem to have turned to a more commercial route, and ‘Fire’ is no exception. It sounds like an amalgamation of all his releases so far; with the haunting anger of the Remnants EP, Garratt’s signature heavy chorus drop and falsetto vocals, as well as the intense feel of abstract-synth hit ‘Chemical’, and lyrical echoes of ‘Breathe Life’. The slightly intimidating Afro-Caribbean vocals in the breakdown add a new element of tribal chant combined with the poppy chorus, proving how experimental and unafraid Garratt is with his music. It’s a big track, bound to go down well both live and on radio.

Surprise Yourself

Rating: ★★★★☆

If you’ve been lucky enough to see Jack Garratt live, then you might recognise the most recent single ‘Surprise Yourself’. The elctro-ballad takes us back to the emotive feeling of ‘Weathered’ and ‘Water’, at its core being an epic love song. The beautifully toned blues guitar and falsetto vocals in the song’s opening contrast it’s bass synth, hinting towards the calm and fluid choral breakdowns. Garratt only breaks from falsetto into his powerful natural voice towards the end, building the song like a journey. Unlike ‘Fire’, ‘Surprise Yourself’ moves far beyond it’s pop structure and feels like it will be one of the more introspective moments on the album. It may not end up as popular on radio as previous singles, but it’s bound to resonate with you for a while.