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The Wonder Years + Real Friends – 13/11/13

After an incredible 2013 for all four of these bands, this tour put together some of the hottest prospects to take the world by storm in 2014. Kicking off the show, Handguns [9/10] blasted through a 7-song set filled with fan favourites such as Long October, Early Retirement and A Year In Review. While people …Read More

Bring Me The Horizon + Pierce the Veil – 02/11/13

After waiting in the longest queue I have ever seen for the O2 Academy, this date sold out in a couple of hours after tickets went on sale, I had missed the start of the Sights and Sounds [2] set. Still managing to catch 5 or so songs of them, I didn’t feel like there …Read More

The Family Rain + Darlia – 23/11/13

On a freezing cold November night, the Family Rain headed to Birmingham hot off a nationwide tour supporting Jake Bugg. Opening this show were iC1s [0] from London. After a very successful 2012, they performed to very little fanfare. The set was seriously hampered by the frontman, Daniel Coburn, in a very intoxicated state that …Read More

The Lumineers + The Get Down Stay Down – 26/11/13

The queue before the doors opened was the longest I have ever seen at the O2 Academy and it’s easy to see why. The Lumineers have enjoyed what can only be described as a meteoric rise over the past two years; with their simple, enjoyable and downright lovely catalogue of folk music. Support was provided …Read More

Pixies – EP-1

[4/10] ‘Doesn’t come close to reaching the enormously high standards of their vast previous collection, but there are flickers of promise for the future’ EP-1 is the first new release bearing the celebrated ‘Pixies’ title since their 5th studio album: ‘Trompe Le Monde’ over 22 years ago. The EP was released in early September, following on …Read More

Max Raptor – Mother’s Ruin

[10/10] You know how there are some albums you just know are going to be incredible? Yeah, this was one of those. Released at the end of September, Mother’s Ruin is the first full-length album from Midlands’ punk rock 4-piece Max Raptor, following their debut mini-album Portraits (which was also excellent, The King is Dead …Read More

Ghostpoet + Mount Wolf – 21/10/13

Ghostpoet is out and out one of my favourite not only rappers, but lyricists of the last generation. He, along with the Scroobius Pips and the Mike Skinners of the recent rap scenes, is one of the few that can make rap music genuinely enjoyable without having to rap about “getting money and f*cking bitches,” …Read More

MGMT + Guards – 13/10/13

The somewhat subdued atmosphere at the Wolverhampton Civic made it easy to forget that we were about to see one of the most successful psychedelic bands of modern times. Once the support act Guards took to the stage this slowly began to change for the better, although you could tell they had their work cut …Read More

Disclosure – Settle

[9/10] Surrey siblings ‘Disclosure’ draw you in instantly in their latest album ‘Settle’ where they combine electronic sounds of the 90’s with some deep house. Right from the first track ‘When a fire starts to burn’ you get a sense of disclosures music making ability – they are not just two guys messing around with …Read More

Sub Focus – Torus

[5.5/1o] Sub Focus’ long awaited sophomore album Torus, presents a far more open and accessible record in comparison to his previous work but in doing so loses so much character and personality. It’s out and out an album made to appeal to mainstream audiences, a choice that arguably alienates his original fans and will turn …Read More