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Festival Preview – Hit the Deck 2014

Hit The Deck Festival Preview For the second year running, Hit The Deck returns across two locations, Bristol on Saturday April 19th and Nottingham on Sunday April 20th. This year the headliner is New York’s Brand New, which is major coup for the festival as Brand New are a band that rarely tour, let alone …Read More

Skrillex – Recess

[7/10] Skrillex a.k.a. Sonny Moore is no stranger to the world of album releases, having released two albums with former emo band From First To Last, but Recess sees him dip in to the world of LPs for the first time under his new moniker. A full length album has been hotly anticipated since he …Read More

High Tyde – 25/03/14

Last week the Roadhouse played host to an up and coming band all the way from Brighton on the second leg of their weeklong tour which would ultimately land them in Manchester. High Tyde [4/10], a quartet featuring Cody on bass and vocals, Spencer and Connor on guitars and Louis on drums promised to be …Read More

Daft Punk (Ft. Jay-Z) – Computerized

[4/10] Listening to this I can’t help but feel that Daft Punk and Jay-Z, two of the world’s most successful and critically acclaimed acts certainly of my lifetime, could have done a whole lot better. The song seems to represent both groups’ weakest areas. Daft Punk’s beat behind is dull, doesn’t change throughout and has …Read More

The Pretty Reckless – Going to Hell

[7/10] It has been four years since The Pretty Reckless released their first full-length album, and Going To Hell is the follow-up to that wholly successful album. The band have really shot to fame from the get-go due to their frontwoman Taylor Momsen’s previous acting fame, and any questions asked about how well she’d do …Read More

Amber Run (with Interview) – 20/03/14

As I’m waiting by the backstage door of the O2 Academy, I can hear Amber Run’s [8/10] anthemic sound blasting every now and then as the door to the main room opens as they do their soundcheck. After a few minutes of silence, I spot frontman Joe running around frantically and then their tour manager comes …Read More

The Black Keys – Fever

[4/10] Have The Black Keys sold their souls to become an uninspiring Franz Ferdinand-MGMT hybrid? Sounds like it. Following the success of the multi grammy award winning El Camino, The Black Keys have a lot to live up to with the release of their new album Turn Blue, and if the first single ‘Fever’ is …Read More

S Club – live at Risa!

Live Review of S-Club  An unusual event took place on Monday as regular student nights were cast to the wind and replaced instead by “S-Club” performing live at Risa; potentially two of the worst things to grace Birmingham, however two wrongs can sometimes make a right… right? With an unusually quiet downstairs, the main room …Read More

EverAfter – Everything is One

[1/10] Hailing from East London, Everything Is One is the debut offering from alternative band Everafter. The album kicks off with ‘Let Me Be Yours’ which is incredibly lacklustre – it is generic rock music with uninspired lyrics, and this sets the tone for the whole album. While the last couple of years have seen …Read More

Morning Glory – War Psalms

[8/10] Don’t let the menacing gothic cover fool you – Morning Glory are a band with a whole lot more than double bass pedals and squealing guitar solos up their denim sleeveless jackets, as proved by their dramatic resurfacing in 2012 with the incredibly raw Poets Were My Heroes. Their latest album packs an intriguing mix …Read More