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Fratellis Interview

By | Published November 24, 2016

Jon Fratelli found success with his band ‘The Fratellis’ after the release of Costello Music in 2006. After an impressive solo career among other projects he has reformed the band that made him a well-known figure in indie rock music and Ollie Cook caught up with him for five minutes just before they performed at Splendour Festival in Nottingham.

My friend asked me to ask you ‘what does Chelsea Dagger mean?’. But instead of that I’m going to ask: How often are you asked about Chelsea Dagger and are you sick of it?

Often and yes. I have no idea what it means, she was a friend of mine who used it as a stage name.She was a burlesque dancer in Glasgow but she has never told me what that means. You should ask her, find her on Facebook; she’s very easy to find.

I imagine if you search that it will come up with your song?

On the fourth page she might pop up, which she is not best pleased about.

Have you ever gone for an interview without being asked about it?

No… actually about ten minutes ago someone didn’t ask.

I didn’t really ask about it, I asked without asking

It was your first question…

I have another question from one of the other bands, Erye Llew, asking what is the Fratellis, as a collective, favourite animal?

We are quite partial to a Kangaroo. I think some of us are fond of the mongoose but Kangaroo has to clinch it.

What is the most rock and roll thing you guys have ever done? Like throwing a telly out the window or driving a car into a hotel pool?

Nothing that interesting I’m afraid. We smashed the odd guitar here and there, wrecked the odd drum kit, as you do. We’ve decimated a stage a couple of times. It’s quite expensive to do.

Is it ever planned?

The best time was the most spontaneous time but it was also the last time because we destroyed about £15,000 worth of gear. Which needs to be replaced of course, so that was the last time we

wrecked a stage.

Well I don’t want to keep you, have a good show!

The Fratellis are continuing the tour the country, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Costello Music, which includes the track Chelsea Dagger, by playing the album in full. This year also marks the 9 years since The Fratellis won the Brit for Best British Breakthrough Act and 8 years since Costello Music finally dropped out of the UK top 100 album chart after a massive 83 weeks.