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Gig Review: The Amazons

By | Published February 11, 2018

The Amazons, have sauntered back onto the UK stages for the second half of their debut tour. After the success of the first half having sold out, and travelling to gigs in Korea and Japan to attend festivals there, they returned to the UK community with a bang. They started the set with Stay With Me to really get the crowd going, and the energy didn’t stop there. I was very impressed with the stamina of lead singer Matt Thomson’s vocals, which never seemed to falter. Not just the lead singer but all four members were flawlessly in sync the entire time; also, Joe Emmet’s epic drum solo certainly deserves a mention. Playing songs such as Black Magic, which they altered and repeated again later in the set, they were all seamless in their playing.

I will also commend the lighting designer for their beautiful setup. During Palace, a single spotlight with an orange glow created by haze gave a really beautiful aesthetic to match the simple yet charming ballad. Furthermore, when lead guitarist Chris Alderton comes in at the bridge, the spotlight faded in to add him to the scene and faded out when he stopped playing; which was a nice touch.

What really impressed me about this gig was how this band manages to energise the crowd without even doing much. In the short break, people knew that there was only one song that could be left to play – their most popular single, Junk Food Forever – and so the crowd began to sing the first notes of the song again and again until they finally started playing. Even after the gig had reached its finale, people were still singing the same ‘yeahs’ when the house lights came on and even as everyone was making their way down the stairs and out of the building altogether.

This gig was not only full of energy and excitement from both the band and the crowd but the visuals of the period-style venue and the lighting made the gig stunning to watch. Many thanks to the mosh pit which got me very close to the front with a good view. The Amazons have kicked off the last part of their debut tour with an excellent performance and high energy.