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BUCS Reports: Lacrosse on Burn FM

Match Report: W1 Lacrosse v Nottingham

Just one week ago these two sides met on Nottingham’s Jubilee pitches where the Lions were defeated in a tight 10-9 battle. This week on the home pitches of Metchley 3G it would be Birmingham’s turn to attempt to reap revenge for their devastating loss in the week prior. With Nottingham sitting above Birmingham in …Read More

Match Report: W1 Lacrosse v Durham

It was a very chilling evening as the Birmingham Women’s 1 Lacrosse team geared up to face key rivals Durham 1s. Both have won all of their games so far so this felt like a real clash of the titans and perhaps a deciding match for who will be the league champions. Unfortunately, the Lions …Read More

Match Report: W3 Lacrosse v Loughborough

In their first home game of the season the Womens 3s Lacrosse team took on major rivals Loughborough 2s at Metchley 3G. Having lost all their games so far this season, the 3s were just looking to play a good game against the top of the table team despite playing with the bare minimum of …Read More

Match Report: M1 Lacrosse v Cambridge

The UoB Men’s Lacrosse 1st match on Wednesday was thrilling to watch as the Lions overpowered The University of Cambridge’s 1st team 12-2. Birmingham took centre stage on the Metchley 3G pitch while hosting Cambridge in the Midlands 1A league. The Lions looked determined not to lose to Cambridge; having not conceded a game so …Read More

Match Report: W1 Lacrosse v Edinburgh

In an exciting and tense affair the University of Birmingham Women’s 1st team secured a 12-9 win against the University of Edinburgh Women’s 1st team. Both teams came into the game with the same form of three defeats and three wins so it was always going to be an interesting and competitive match up. Birmingham …Read More

Match Report: M2 Lacrosse v Staffordshire

The Birmingham Lions roared to a 7-4 opening day home victory against Staffordshire on Wednesday.  The University of Birmingham’s men’s 2nd Lacrosse team had to fight back to secure a well-deserved win against University of Staffordshire’s 1st team. The result puts Birmingham second in the league, behind on goal difference. It was a slow start …Read More