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Review: Watch This Presents: Where We Buried the Doll, by Rebecca Chapman

Watch This – Society for Original Theatre presented the Guild with three nights of ‘Where We Buried the Doll’ last week, a fast-paced piece on the themes of power, twisted love, and public scandal. Protagonist Jane, a high-flying fashion photographer, is hit with a potentially ruining sex scandal, as her celebrity boyfriend Madson is accused …Read More

Review: Watch This Presents ‘Saturation’ by Jonathan Chadwick

Birmingham’s very own theatre society ‘Watch This’ has come together for their second original play of the year, presenting us with Jonathan Chadwick’s creation ‘Saturation’. The premise of the play focuses on four deep sea divers who lose contact with their handlers, and how they continue, trapped in the walls of a saturation chamber. The …Read More

Stuck on Repeat: Why Are We So Obsessed With Remakes?

One of the most anticipated cinematic releases of 2015 was Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which saw the re-emergence of eternally loyal Star Wars fans, and a profit of almost $1,000,000,000 in the USA by May 2016.  Brands went crazy to profit from the release, with Star Wars merchandise appearing everywhere, and people queued for …Read More

Book Review: The New York Trilogy, Paul Auster

In three intricate, engaging and often perplexing stories Paul Auster comments on life in New York, life in the shadows, and life as a writer. His work often delves into metafiction, as his spiralling tales of spies, madness, and jealousy blur the line between the character and Auster himself. The Trilogy is comprised of short …Read More