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Trump’s Travel Ban Saga So Far

  Donald Trump’s campaign to become the President of the United States of America had many different slogans and promises from ‘Make America Great Again’ to ‘Build the Wall’, but one of the most controversial policy statements the 45th President made was in December 2015 when he announced his plan for a ‘total and complete …Read More

Storm Ophelia – Britain’s New Reality?

Here in the British Isles we are used to a certain level of dreariness, grey skies and drizzle with the occasional knee-deep flooding after a particularly prolonged period of said drizzle. Our green and pleasant land has rarely seen anything such as the ferocity of the recent wrath of Storm Ophelia, as it came in …Read More

Race, Trump and the NFL

The National Football League is about big names, big plays and big hits. The entire game or even an entire season can come down to five seconds on the clock, a last-ditch attempt to get the ball down the field, into the End Zone, and score a touchdown. Recently, however, the focus has not been …Read More