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Kate Nash – 12/02/2017

When hearing the name Kate Nash most people think of her as the one-hit-wonder of the Lily Allen-esque tune ‘Foundations’. However, her ability as an artist goes far beyond just being able to produce a quirky tune with a lot of swearing, and it looks as if she’s set to come back with a bang. …Read More

Students React to the UK’s Historic Vote to Leave the European Union

In a historic turn of events, with a 72% turnout, the UK has voted to leave the EU. Despite urging for the country to vote remain, Prime Minister David Cameron lost his campaign with 52% voting to leave. Although overall Britain’s population voted to leave, results amongst the individual countries of the UK varied widely. …Read More

Burn Live in Conversation with Rebecca Hume

Head of News, Katie Packer interviewed former Broadcast Journalist and News Reader Rebecca Hume as part of Burn FM’s ‘Burn Live in Conversation’ in order to give students an idea of what a career in Broadcast Journalism could be like. Rebecca worked for Heart FM, Free Radio and the BBC in West Midlands, Coventry and …Read More

A Bitesize Guide to the Guild Elections 2016

The Guild Elections are here – giving us the opportunity to vote for the people who will be running our Student’s Union next year. The Elections can seem a bit confusing if it is your first time voting, this guide will help you understand what you are voting for, why and how.     The …Read More

Student tells experience of mugging incident in Selly Oak

Listen to the audio to hear first hand about one of the mugging incidents in Selly Oak. There have been multiple muggings in the student area of Selly Oak. Masked perpetrators had targeted UOB students four times in one week, at the end of last month. Other incidents have also been reported in the past few …Read More

What is Cultural Appropriation and why is it such a big deal?

The issue of cultural appropriation has always been present in the media, but in the recent weeks it has moved into the forefront of discussion following the music video Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay featuring Beyoncé. You can watch the video here. Cultural appropriation is defined as the adoption or the use of elements …Read More

Should Donald Trump be banned from the UK?

There was a three-hour debate in parliament on Monday as to whether U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump should be banned from entering the UK. The debate was called after over half a million Britons called for him to banned following his comments on Muslims, expressing that they should be banned from entering America. The …Read More