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Birmingham Protests against US Muslim ban

On Monday 30th January in Birmingham’s Victoria Square, hundreds of people protested over President Trump’s executive order that bans residents from seven major Islamic countries entering the United States. The protesters were also reacting against Theresa May and her decision not to condemn Trumps recent controversial legislation. Instead meeting with him in the US to …Read More

Loyle Carner-The Isle of Arran

Rating: With his debut album, Yesterdays Gone, set to be released on 20th January, Loyle Carner is on the brink of stardom.  The first release, ‘The Isle of Arran’, gives us an insight into the raw emotion he shares on the album. Rightfully the song was titled Annie Mac’s hottest record in the world. The South …Read More

Review: The Tell Tale Heart – The Old Joint Stock Theatre

Enthralling. Everything about Tin Robot Theatre’s adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ involved and excited the audience. Poe and Adam Carver took us on a psychological journey. Everything about the adaptation added to the theatrical experience: the witty yet intense script, the dramatic lighting and the passionate acting from the cast. Poe’s …Read More