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Review: Cirque Berserk at the REP

Cirque Berserk at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre created a night filled with laughs, applause, and some level of anxiety and terror, in a good way… This Berserkus brings trained circus performers together into a theatre setting where they execute dozens of different skills and tricks. The members of the performance come from groups all around …Read More

Review: Young REP Festival- Blackout/British Values

Blackout As a part of the Young REP festival this year, the young REP seniors performed this short and sharp piece based on the real story of a 15 year old boy charged with attempted murder. The piece asked the audience to imagine being in the shoes of this troubled teenager and questioned ‘how would …Read More

The Young REP festival 2015: ‘Hamlets’

9 Hamlets. 3 Ophelias. 10 floors of a library. This performance of Hamlet could have gone horribly wrong. Luckily, it didn’t. It was a great success. This adaptation of Hamlet – Hamlets is the culmination of a theatre research project by director Daniel Tyler as part of his PhD research into the adaption of well-known …Read More

Review: 3Bugs Presents: The Fastest Clock in the Universe

Directed by Beatrice Updegraff & Arianne Sadie Brooks Produced by Catherine Butler Choreographed by Jessica Barber 12th-15th March   Whilst wandering down the back streets of Digbeth at night, you couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and curiosity as to where the evening would take you. The decision, by directors Beatrice Updegraff and Arianne Sadie …Read More

Review: Article19 Presents Measure for Measure

Article 19 delivered a simple, yet very well performed and sufficiently humorous rendition of William Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure in the up to date style typical of the society. Measure For Measure Is a play close to the hearts of Burn FM committee members such as ourselves, and we were more than satisfied to see …Read More

Interview with author Jean Debney 

Last Friday I had the pleasure of sitting down with author Jean Debney to talk about her new novel ‘Far Away Hills’, a work of historical fiction based on the memoirs of her mother about her life and that of her grandmother and grandfather. The story revolves around Debney’s grandmother travelling with small children from …Read More

Review: The King’s Speech at the REP

The King Speech, originally a West End play, adapted into an award-winning 2010 film is back touring the UK. The play sees Prince Albert (or Bertie) overcome a series of family troubles and speech impediment with the help of his therapist, and friend, Lionel Logue to become a worthy King. The King’s Speech as a …Read More

Review: Comedy Night at Bramall Music Building

On Thursday 12th February Romesh Ranganathan, Ben Norris and Andrew Ryan graced the Bramall Music Hall, for what was aptly described, a Comedy Night. The show began with a tentative opening from the compere Andrew Ryan. As he later said, it was his first time at the Bramall Music Hall and the nerves were clear …Read More

Review: Watch This presents: Finding Nemo – The 48 Hour

“It was a reel catch of a show!” – Freya Nelson   The hallways of the Guild never seemed busier than they did last Sunday night, as the students and parents alike eagerly queued up to submerge themselves into the latest 48 hour show. Watch This society are renowned for their hilarious twists on films …Read More

Review: Harvey at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre

On Tuesday 10th February I had the immense pleasure of seeing Harvey at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Originally written by Mary Coyle Chase in 1942, Harvey has gone through many transformations, and even been the centre of a Hollywood film, but the REP’s production of this classic and timeless story was done in a stylish …Read More