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International Sportswoman in the Spotlight: Simone Biles

This American sweetheart stole our hearts at the 2016 Rio Olympics. However, anyone with an interest within the world of gymnastics knew about Simone Biles long before she hit our screens in 2016. Biles backstory is one of heartbreak, with her mother’s struggle with drugs and alcohol, she was placed into foster care, her life …Read More

Ultimate Sports Guide for this Summer

Don’t miss out on this Summers incredible Sport! Exam season is just around the corner. Something I am sure you all don’t need reminding of. With constant heads in books and struggling to find a seat in the overcrowded library have a little something to look forward to over the forthcoming months. Exams may be nearing …Read More

From Madrid With Love

Known for its buzzing nightlife, there is no wonder that no city can live up to the constant energy and liveliness of Madrid. Madrid is a city that knows how to live for the moment. It is spontaneous, with a constant buzz always in the air. The mass vigour expressed from Spain’s capital city can …Read More

Women in the Spotlight: Ellie Simmonds

Ellie Simmonds is in a league of her own when it comes to her incredible achievements in the swimming pool. She started swimming from the age of five and without sounding overly cliché, she took to water like a fish. This woman was born to swim, and by the age of eight she was already …Read More

Travel Review: From New York with Love

The Big Apple, The Empire State, the City that Never Sleeps. Just to name a few of New York City’s nicknames. It’s truly a city that is so good that of course it was named twice. There are so many different reasons to fall in love with this incredible city. For me it was the …Read More

Women in the Spotlight: Steph Houghton

Women’s football has always taken a backseat to that of Men’s and in recent years many have struggled to take the sport seriously. In terms of salary, sponsorship and media coverage it’s clear that a gender divide is prominent. Women’s football in Great Britain in the past few years has grown massively making it the …Read More

Sportswomen in the Spotlight: Hannah Cockroft

During the London 2012 Paralympics, ‘Hurricane’ Hannah came into the spotlight for her amazing performance and domination of the T34 events. If you’ve never watched wheelchair racing I urge you to do so as the true grit and determination combined with raw skill will hook you immediately. If that wasn’t enough, watching ‘Hurricane’ Hannah race …Read More

From Cape Town With Love…

Cape Town: a city that is stunning from the sky to the sea. This city is steeped in so much history from all around the world, and it’s this that makes Cape Town totally unique and rich in culture.  It’s known as the ‘mother city’ due to its crucial role in South Africa’s history. I …Read More

Sportswomen in the Spotlight

Nicola Adams has bought the world of female boxing to our attention in a way few others have managed. A sport that was only introduced to the Olympic games in 2012 in London. She has become a household game, an icon of her sport and a true inspiration to not only women, but to ethnic …Read More