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Travel Review: From New York with Love

By | Published March 1, 2017

The Big Apple, The Empire State, the City that Never Sleeps. Just to name a few of New York City’s nicknames. It’s truly a city that is so good that of course it was named twice. There are so many different reasons to fall in love with this incredible city. For me it was the liveliness, the constant buzz and energy, be it at 3am or 3pm you’ll feel it running throughout the streets. It’s a city of creativity and imagination, where anything is possible because, like New York City’s anthem by Frank Sinatra suggests, if you can make it here you really can make it anywhere. It’s a city that will undoubtedly inspire you and all those that witness this impressive place in the world. From its stimulating musicians such as Jay Z and Bruce Springsteen to providing impressive backdrops to some of the most well-known film and TV shows like Friends, Gossip Girl and Sex in the City.

The streets of Little Italy

The streets of Little Italy

New York City is an urban explorer’s jungle paradise. Every neighbourhood is different and constantly changing. What you find in the streets of Manhattan you just won’t find in Brooklyn or Queens. Every district offers you a dramatically contrasting view of this outstanding city. You’ll never get tired of this city from the millions of restaurants with varying cuisines from around the globe including Little Italy, China Town, classic American diners or tiny cafés tucked away round a corner you didn’t even notice the first time you walked by. The night is constantly young in this city. Lights constantly shining bright among the skyscrapers that will take your breath away be it night or day. Famous and upcoming musicals, performances, plays, signers have all been here. From the brightest lights of Broadway stages and overly luxurious opera shows to poetry slams, ballet, jazz or vintage bookshops. If you need to find anything you’ll find it here. This city will constantly surprise you meaning that exploring this metropolis will never be boring.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art - known as 'The Met'

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – known as ‘The Met’

Get involved in the hustle and bustle of the busy New Yorker lifestyle grabbing a bagel and coffee to go in the morning. Whilst you’re adventuring round this city you’ll end up taking a promenade through central park, be it winter with it being covered in snow or in spring whilst every tree is in bloom, you’ll be in awe of these vast gardens that are surrounded by a wild city. Stroll through the corridors of the MET soaking up the artistic atmosphere. Take a quick ferry trip over to one of not only New York’s most famous landmarks, but also one of Americas most visited tourist attractions, The Statue of Liberty and, of course, Ellis Island.


A view of the Statue of Liberty with Ellis Island in the background

A view of the Statue of Liberty with Ellis Island in the background

Stuck for somewhere to go, be it on a family holiday, girls week away, or somewhere to start your backpacking travels around the USA? You’d be stupid not to choose New York City as your destination of choice. Why choose anywhere else when there is so much to do, see, taste and experience? We’ve only touched on a few. Let New York City touch you like the way it inspires everyone else.

From New York with Love.