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On Thursday the 14th of June, Birmingham’s Grand Central station was brought to life by the exciting launch of new restaurant Thai Express. After arriving in the UK in 2012, Thai Express has quickly risen to become the leading Thai quick-service restaurant in the UK, with Thursday’s launch a testament to why.

At around 6 pm, guests which included members of BBC Midlands, ITV Central News, Free Radio and the Birmingham Mail, were welcomed into the Faber designed space. On arrival, guests stepped away from the bustle of the Grand Central station and found themselves immersed in the Thai inspired, warmth of the new restaurant. Working alongside Birmingham based design company Faber, beautiful graphics were created as wallpaper by Uzma Pattani, the UK Operations Director, which featured a nod to her children who are depicted within the piece. The ease with which Uzma combines family and dining speaks to Thai Express’ inclusive environment.

While fast-food chains can often feel predictable, the excitement and liveliness of Thai Express’ approach to fast-dining is felt within the new space. An open kitchen was utilised during the event which allowed the brand to highlight their specially trained Wok Chefs, who were conjuring up a steady and welcomed flow of food throughout the night. As an event aimed at spreading the Thai Express message, the uninterrupted supply of their delicious and unique take on Thai food was evidently enjoyed by all.

The punchy and ever-flavourful cuisine is based on combining traditional family recipes tailored specifically to the customer’s desires. At the event, the wide range of dietary requirements catered for was put on show. Dishes are suitable for halal customers and a diverse range of gluten-free and vegan options ensures everyone’s preferences are catered for. A healthy portion of Satay Tofu, Spring Rolls and Spicy Salad made the opening rounds. The made-to-order ethos of the restaurant makes it the perfect choice for families and friends, with spice levels left to the customer to decide.

The food was brought round by Thai girls dressed in traditional costume, which added to the overall atmosphere and buzz of the opening. Stand out dishes included the Basil Fried Rice, the Green Curry and Thairacha Wings all of which showcased the brand’s dedication to sourcing the finest and freshest ingredients. As a Canadian born restaurant, the portion sizes are much bigger than fast-dining often provides, and on the evening, this came across in the hearty canapes distributed throughout. As food and drink flowed freely, it was the Organic Bec Cola, which stole the show for many, a maple-syrup infused Canadian showstopper.

While the food was the focal point of the evening, the event which featured a live broadcast from MADE in Birmingham, was a lively and enjoyable affair. As cheesecakes made the rounds and the night wound down, it was evident that for all invited this would be one of many trips to Birmingham’s new Thai Express.