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3BUGS and LGBTQ Association’s ’12’ Review

Rating:  4.5 stars The atmosphere at the dress run of 3BUGS Fringe Theatre and UoB’s LGBTQ Association’s performance ‘12’, directed by Annie Kershaw, was one of hilarity and vibrancy. What was promised to the audience was “a new version” of Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’, and right from entering the space, it was clear this promise would …Read More

Review: Watch This Presents: Where We Buried the Doll, by Rebecca Chapman

Watch This – Society for Original Theatre presented the Guild with three nights of ‘Where We Buried the Doll’ last week, a fast-paced piece on the themes of power, twisted love, and public scandal. Protagonist Jane, a high-flying fashion photographer, is hit with a potentially ruining sex scandal, as her celebrity boyfriend Madson is accused …Read More

Review: Article19 Presents: The Tempest

‘A deserted island. A parent and their child scavenge for food. A lonely native slave collects wood for their fire. A mischievous fairy race runs rife. And a shipwrecked group of noblemen soon discover that this island is far less deserted than they thought.  Article19 Theatre Company is delighted to present William Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’. …Read More

Theatre Review: 3BUGS Presents: Pysche

In a world where January seemed never-ending, deadlines were looming and Donald Trump had just become the President of the USA, there was a desperate need for some glitter, magic and light relief in all our lives. As we stumbled into a transformed dance studio of the Guild for the final night of ‘Psyche’, a …Read More

Review: Watch This Presents ‘Saturation’ by Jonathan Chadwick

Birmingham’s very own theatre society ‘Watch This’ has come together for their second original play of the year, presenting us with Jonathan Chadwick’s creation ‘Saturation’. The premise of the play focuses on four deep sea divers who lose contact with their handlers, and how they continue, trapped in the walls of a saturation chamber. The …Read More

Spotlight on society: Carnival Rag

Jack Ford, president of the Carnival Rag Society, sat down with BurnFM Arts to tell us about the incredible work that the society does, as well as the amazing events that they run. Carnival Rag is the University’s fundraising society; they run a lot of different events throughout the year and proceeds go to different …Read More

Spotlight on society: Philosophy

Eleanor and Joe told BurnFM Arts about the engaging and fun Philosophy Society. It is not just a departmental society, anyone can join and get involved by coming to talks or socials. It’s simply a way for anyone who would want to talk about any area of philosophy to find people with similar interests to …Read More

Spotlight on Society: Brum Dine with Me

Josh and Kelly told BurnFM Arts about the delicious and interesting Brum Dine with Me society. Brum Dine with Me is a society of about 80 members. At the beginning of each term, members are broken into smaller dinner party groups, who take turns holding their own dinner parties. The dinner parties are scored, and …Read More

Spotlight on society: Craft

This society gives people the chance to hang out and have a go at trying different crafts with great people in a very relaxed setting. It’s perfect for unwinding after a stressful week, and you get to have a good time trying to make anything from origami to shamballa jewelry. Even if a craft doesn’t …Read More

Spotlight on Society: The Lunar Society

James Digby sat down and chatted with BurnFM Arts about the awesome Lunar Society. This society is a discussion based society where anyone is welcome to come along. It is informal and it is very open minded towards all beliefs and views. People are welcome to come and participate or even just sit in and …Read More