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Reasons to visit the land down under

By | Published January 25, 2015

Australia has got it all: cool cities, tons of beaches, happy people and sunshine in the months of November and December. It’s big enough that there is always somewhere new to explore, although that’s only if you can tear yourself away from where you already are! So here are just a few of my top picks as to why it’s worth a trip to the land down under:  

City: Melbourne

When people dream of Australia, they often think of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and presume that with it, Sydney is the best city. But when it comes down to it, Melbourne is by far the best. Having been voted the most liveable city for four years in a row, this place really has something for everyone.

It has tourist attractions such as Federation Square and going up the Eureka Sky Deck, but when all that’s done there is still more to explore. For sporting fans, you’ve got the Melbourne Open, Australian Grand Prix, the Australian Cup and a whole season of AFL. It is also a great location for some cool weekend and day trips whether that’s a road trip on the Great Ocean Road to see the Twelve Apostles or a day out at Phillip Island to visit the penguins! And if you don’t have time for a whole day out then catching a quick tram ride to St. Kilda will give you the choices of a beach, amusement park and if you’re lucky still the chance to see a penguin coming home for the night!

But it is the quirky and friendly atmosphere of the city that is so great. Full of individual shops and restaurants there is no reason why you would need to visit the same place twice. And if that wasn’t enough to persuade you, the coffee here is probably some of the best in the world.

Sand: Fraser Island jhugfy

Fraser Island is easily one of the best camping destinations in Australia. Take a trip from Rainbow Beach and catch a ferry to Fraser Island for a two night stay on essentially one massive sand dune. Riding around in 4×4, with the option to drive it yourself, and stop offs at a number of fresh water lakes, this place is the perfect getaway. You get to visit a number of destinations across the two days including a remaining shipwreck and a great lookout of the island. And for those not inclined to camping, there is the option of a day trip however it doesn’t do the island quite as much justice as it deserves.

Sea: Whitsundays and Cairns (Great Barrier Reef)

Australia wouldn’t be Australia without the Great Barrier Reef. From Airlie Beach you can take a two night boating trip to the Whitsundays. Boats and the number of people on each boat depend on both pricing and what you want from your experience. For those interested in the diving and snorkelling, I would recommend splashing out the extra cash for a smaller boat. You sail around the Great Barrier Reef seeing fish, turtles and stopping off at some of the most idyllic beaches in the world, the best being Whitehaven. You’ve also got the chance of paddle boarding and feeding fish. And for those who choose the more luxurious option, you can enjoy the views of the sea from the Jacuzzi on deck.


 Another great place to experience the Great Barrier Reef (at a more affordable price) is in Cairns. Here you can take a day trip to try your hand at diving and snorkelling, again giving you the chance to see the wonderful world that lives under the sea.