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Review: Watch This presents: Finding Nemo – The 48 Hour

“It was a reel catch of a show!” – Freya Nelson   The hallways of the Guild never seemed busier than they did last Sunday night, as the students and parents alike eagerly queued up to submerge themselves into the latest 48 hour show. Watch This society are renowned for their hilarious twists on films …Read More

Review: Harvey at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre

On Tuesday 10th February I had the immense pleasure of seeing Harvey at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Originally written by Mary Coyle Chase in 1942, Harvey has gone through many transformations, and even been the centre of a Hollywood film, but the REP’s production of this classic and timeless story was done in a stylish …Read More

Spotlight on society: Philosophy

Eleanor and Joe told BurnFM Arts about the engaging and fun Philosophy Society. It is not just a departmental society, anyone can join and get involved by coming to talks or socials. It’s simply a way for anyone who would want to talk about any area of philosophy to find people with similar interests to …Read More

Interview with Lydia Poole ahead of her performance at the MAC

Hope Bolger spoke to Lydia Poole ahead of her role at Elizabeth Taylor in ‘The Liz and Dick show’ on at the MAC next week. They talked about the difficulties of playing a Hollywood legend, the chemistry of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and how to survive in the world of acting. The Liz and …Read More

Review: Peter Pan Goes Wrong at the Birmingham Rep

Mischief Theatre’s most recent production, Peter Pan Goes Wrong, was hilariously intelligent, refined and, most importantly, fun for all. From the moment that you are given your programme the show has begun, and everything that could go wrong, does. It is not enough for the actors to just play characters in a production; instead, the …Read More

Reasons to visit the land down under

Australia has got it all: cool cities, tons of beaches, happy people and sunshine in the months of November and December. It’s big enough that there is always somewhere new to explore, although that’s only if you can tear yourself away from where you already are! So here are just a few of my top …Read More

Review: Foxcatcher

Foxcatcher is the hypnotically told and compellingly unglamorous story of the Schultz brothers’ dealings with John Du Pont and the testosterone-rich, underground world of wrestling. It is a somber and dark thriller based on the public record of a world-champion wrestler living in the shadow of his older brother. Billionaire John Du Pont propositions Mark in …Read More

Spotlight on Society: Brum Dine with Me

Josh and Kelly told BurnFM Arts about the delicious and interesting Brum Dine with Me society. Brum Dine with Me is a society of about 80 members. At the beginning of each term, members are broken into smaller dinner party groups, who take turns holding their own dinner parties. The dinner parties are scored, and …Read More

Review: 3BUGS production of The 39 Steps

A rip-roaring ride from start to finish. 3BUGS production of Patrick Barlow’s adaptation of The 39 Steps was thoroughly enjoyable for all. The play demanded a lot from director Chris Conway; difficult stage directions like high-flying airplane action, dare defying acts on top of moving trains and numerous location changes, Conway made the smart decision …Read More

Review: The Witches at The Crescent Theatre

‘It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, so long as somebody loves you’ was the sentimental thought drawn from the imaginative and childishly funny The Witches at the Crescent Theatre, Birmingham. Most people have read Roald Dahl’s The Witches or at least seen Nicolas Roeg’s 1990 film adaptation – and to …Read More