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An intensive course that could change your summer

Summer holidays; almost four months of freedom to do exactly how you please. If your previous holidays have been hard to fill then Ellie Denison explains why this is the perfect chance to pack a bag and jet away for a while. Here’s what she had to say: Last summer I chose to do an …Read More

Review: Of Mice and Men at Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Entering the theatre with mixed expectations, Katie having previously read Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and Lou having no idea about the storyline, we were both uncertain of what we were about to behold in this performance. There always seems to be anticipation regarding a classic play, having the potential to be thoroughly …Read More

Review: Blood Brothers at the Hippodrome

Have you ever wondered how much your upbringing has affected you? How different life would be if you had been raised by a different family, in completely different circumstances? Willy Russell addresses these questions in his legendary musical Blood Brothers, which tells the captivating tale of two twins, separated at birth and raised on opposite …Read More

Trading Places, Same Old Faces

It’s a quarter to two in the morning. I’m searching for a pocket of space, crammed into a corner with perhaps a hundred other people. A high heel stabs on my toe, I lose rhythm momentarily and my feet cling to the floor. But then, just as they always do, The Strokes start playing, my …Read More

Review: The Kite Runner at Birmingham Repertory Theatre

I’m here with Vicky and Autumn who went to see ‘The Kite Runner’ at Birmingham REP last week. Most people have heard of ‘The Kite Runner’ in one form or another. It was originally a book, then a film and now has been made into a stage production, but for those who don’t know, would …Read More

Review: CATS at the Birmingham Hippodrome

The cats are back on the prowl, in the Burn FM studio and on the Birmingham Hippodrome stage. Phoebe and Freya from ‘CatCalls’ went to review the classic musical directed once more by the legendary Trevor Nunn. With neither of us having seen the show before, we entered the theatre with a vague awareness and …Read More

Hidden in Plain Sight 1: The Redeemed

Hidden in Plain Sight 1: The Redeemed by Burn Fm on Mixcloud The first in a series exploring the lesser-known areas of music being made in Birmingham. The Redeemed, whose many members mostly hail from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, kindly invited us to one of their rehearsals, and a few of the musicians …Read More

John Cooper Clarke + Mike Garry – 11/04/14

[7/10] The Cheese and Grain is an interesting venue. Set in the depths of Somerset in the town of Frome, in the middle of a car-park, it is probably one of the last places you’d expect the veritable punk-poet and urban legend John Cooper Clarke to be performing, but this tour takes him to even …Read More

Review – Selly Joking Launch Night at the Bristol Pear

Selly Joking is the brand new comedy night organised by Selly Joke, our favourite one stop shop for fancy dress and party needs. They certainly lived up to their name with co manager Chris Bates anchoring the night with his superb skills as a compere (those who have had the pleasure of seeing his sets …Read More

Review: Tartuffe, Birmingham REP theatre.

Having re-opened it’s doors on Centenary Square, squeezed in between the huge new library and the grand symphony hall,  the Birmingham repertory theatre (the REP) has steadily been re-establishing itself with a fantastic and diverse range of productions. It was, therefore, a perfect setting for the newly updated version of Moliere’s french classic Tartuffe. For …Read More