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Thai Express – Restaurant Review

On Thursday the 14th of June, Birmingham’s Grand Central station was brought to life by the exciting launch of new restaurant Thai Express. After arriving in the UK in 2012, Thai Express has quickly risen to become the leading Thai quick-service restaurant in the UK, with Thursday’s launch a testament to why. At around 6 …Read More

Mowgli – Restaurant Review

Mowgli first caught my eye back in late 2017 when I saw the extravagant exterior being installed at Birmingham’s Grand Central station, deep inky walls and swinging chairs got me with an easy aesthetic win. From then its foodie allure remained a rumour only sparked again when my housemate filled me in on all its …Read More

BBC Good Food Show Summer 2017

As a student, there are two things which hold a very important place in my day-to-day life; food and free stuff. Therefore, I was over the moon to discover that in my new role as Head of Arts, I am able to attend and review the BBC Good Food Show, an event dedicated to these …Read More

Food Review: 1847 Modern Vegetarian

Being a vegetarian (and now vegan) can often be annoying when it comes to looking at places to go out for dinner. When going out with my non-veggie/vegan friends, I’m often swamped with the same choice of a generic vegetable pasta dish or some fancied up piece of salad. Despite the choice being adequate and …Read More

BBC Good Food Show 2016

Good food. It was something I was unfamiliar with on a daily basis, living on a student budget and not being one to be especially creative or adventurous in the kitchen. With my repertoire ranging from ‘anything you can put in a bagel’ to ‘is it microwavable’; you could say I was a blank canvas …Read More

Food review: Wok Chi, Harborne

Location: 135 High St, West Midlands B17 9NP Get in touch: 0121 427 2820; Ratings – Food: 4/5 Presentation: 3.5/5 Ambience: 4/5 Service: 5/5 Wok Chi – a family run business- seems to be slowing taking over as one of the better restaurants in Harborne even though they just celebrated their grand opening ceremony a …Read More

Review: El Borracho de Oro

‘I feel part Spanish’ laughs Emma Yufera. ‘It’s what I know’. She isn’t wrong. Though the British owner of El Borracho De Oro isn’t, technically speaking, Spanish at all, she harbours an infectious zeal for the country. Her knowledge of the culture is extensive and there’s a visible, wide-eyed excitement to her delivery when she’s …Read More

Review: Digbeth Dining Club

“If only Roosters had such toppings for their chips the world would be a happier place” On Sunday 18th October Street food innovators Digbeth Dining Club came to Kings Heath and joined forces with the Hare & Hounds to create a special event for both locals and students to enjoy. The event went on for the …Read More